Maida Farrar Achieves Best-Selling Author Status with Putting Kids First in Divorce

Published on March 2, 2016

Maida Farrar, attorney, mediator, and Certified Divorce Coach, tops multiple best-seller lists with her contribution to the new book — Putting Kids First in Divorce: How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships & Protect Your Children During & After Divorce. The book includes conversations with inspiring high-integrity divorce professionals with the collective mission of putting the needs of children first via collaborative and mediated divorce strategies.

The book ranked as a best-seller in 6 Amazon categories on the first day of its release. It ranked No. 1 in the ‘divorce and separation’ category.

Putting Kids First in Divorce takes a compassionate look at putting children first during a divorce, as well as sharing the benefits of pursuing a collaborative or mediated divorce. In her chapter titled, “How to Establish Boundaries and Promote Healthy Communication,” Farrar educates parents on:

-the straight facts and realities of divorce, family court, and mediation

-strategies on how to communicate effectively, diffuse conflict, and solve problems

-how divorcing couples can establish boundaries to reduce conflict

-how to create a support network

Maida found she has a genuine passion for helping individuals navigate the divorce process so that they get more of what they want, with as little conflict as possible. She believes that the foundation for her clients’ success and the road to freedom is rooted in setting healthy boundaries. One of Maida’s favorite sayings is, “Your ex is not your child’s ex.”

Farrar passionately advocates for collaboration and mediation in divorce. Maida’s mission in her coaching practice — purpose, direction, balance — aligns with the mission of Putting Kids First in Divorce. According to Maida, “Working on this book has been such an incredible journey, and I’m so excited to see it come to fruition. I have such a passion for helping my clients set and maintain healthy boundaries and work on positive communication strategies so that they can balance the legal process while moving forward with confidence. My background as a Family Law Attorney, Mediator, and Certified Divorce Coach really lent itself to helping me with this material.  Further, the fact that I specialize in working with single parents who want to feel in control, confident, and secure in their future so that they know that their kids won’t suffer, made this project a natural fit for me.”

Farrar is available for speaking engagements on the topic of divorce and staying out of court. For more information about Maida Farrar, visit Alchemy Coaching.

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