Scott Hansen CEO of Hansen & Associates Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with Success Hackers

Published on March 1, 2016

Success Hackers; Conversations With Elite Performers Who Have Cracked The Entrepreneurial Code featuring Scott Hansen hits #1 in categories Knowledge Capital and Business Life Best Sellers List on

Scott Hansen hit #1 on the Category Best Sellers List on February 19th, 2016 for the release Success Hackers; Conversations With Elite Performers Who Have Cracked The Entrepreneurial Code. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Ethics category.

Success Hackers is a compilation of 1 on 1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers’ success.

Like many entrepreneurs, Scott has tried a bunch of different businesses; from networking marketing, to online marketing, and many others.

He was working at a full-time job while he was building a coaching business. After about six months, he decided to quit his job and dove head first into being a full-fledged entrepreneur. When he finally found his passion, there wasn’t going to be any more starts and stops. Scott began to create and build a personal development company that encompasses coaching, speaking, and podcasting; at that point he finally found his purpose.

As a high-performance coach, Scott works with entrepreneurs to help them become the very best versions of themselves while helping them grow their business. He does that through many strategies and techniques.

Throughout the year, Scott offers “scholarships” to his potential clients; giving them the opportunity to experience a Business Breakthrough strategy session. During this deep coaching session, Scott works with a business owner, helping them understand what factors might be holding them back from achieving their ultimate success. Once he figures that out, he designs a game plan and strategy to help them build a bigger bottom line in their business.

He also helps business owners who are spending too much time at work, to clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can make more money and work as little as they want.

When asked what is his “magic” Scott replied “my ability to ask very deep, thought-provoking questions so I can get to the root of what’s taking place inside the minds and hearts of my clients. Once I get to that level, I create strategies on how my clients can become more dominant in their industry, build a successful business, and live a life of significance.”

He has always been drawn to HOW people got the results they got. Over time, he became fascinated with how some individuals were worth millions of dollars while others were barely getting by. He studied this subject voraciously for years. After getting certified as a coach, he jumped in and never looked back. To be able to help/coach individuals to live a life of abundance, prosperity, and purpose is truly one of the most incredible feelings in the world.

A “success hack” is a belief, a philosophy around achievement. It’s taking an antiquated philosophy and turning it on its head. Success Hackers are the brave entrepreneurs who are constantly questioning the way “things ought to be”, and then blazing their own trail.

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