Marietta House Cleaning Company, Eco-Friendly House Cleaners, Innovative Cleaning System Getting National Attention

Published on May 26, 2018

Eco-Friendly House Cleaners, a House Cleaning Company in Marietta, Georgia Gets National Acclaim For Their Toxic Free Cleaning Solutions That Are Making Their Clients Feel Better At Home.

Getting your house cleaned by an outside cleaning company is common practice for busy parents and entrepreneurs, but what kind of chemicals are they using on your floors, counters and sinks? Victoria McClure owner of  Eco-Friendly House Cleaners has been using an innovative solution that has been getting the attention of other house cleaners across the country. She is also getting rave reviews from her clients about the cleanliness and the fresh clean smell of the homes she cleans, void of the chemical toxins.

Eco-friendly Cleaners is a Marietta House Cleaning company that has been using technology in their equipment to clean better and safer than toxic chemicals that most cleaning companies across the country still use. Clients are always interested to know how McClure can get homes so clean without the toxicity of the chemicals and that chemical smell.

When asked about her cleaning system, McClure stated, “It is all in the cloths! Most cleaning companies buy the cheap cotton cloth or the cheap microfiber ones you can get in the store. But, the real work is done by high quality cloths that cost a lot more than regular cloths. Most cleaning companies are not willing to spend as much on their equipment.”

McClure has been involved in house cleaning for decades and made the shift to eco-friendly cleaning when she started noticing her breathing getting difficult from overuse of chemical cleaners. As well, as breathing issues, many of her workers were having adverse reactions to the chemicals that got on the skin. It was then Victoria started researching the facts about the new technology in cleaning cloths such as Ecloth and Norwex and how they were able to clean on a micro level compared to most cloths that just spread dirt and germs around. Scientific studies prove that these new cloths and just water clean as well if not better than a cotton cloth and bleach and the technology in the new microfiber cloths just keeps getting better.

McClure said, “There are so many people, especially children with breathing issues and skin conditions and a lot of that has to do with the chemicals that are being used in the home. Since making the switch to Eco-Friendly cleaning many years ago myself and staff are happier and our clients love the fact they don’t have to worry about a chemical residue on their surfaces or that bleach smell.”

Sarah Greene, one of her clients said, “A surprise visit from my mother in law had me scrambling to find a cleaning company the DAY of her arrival. Thankfully Eco-Friendly House Cleaners were able to come and get the job done swiftly. It was clean, even new linens put on the beds, and it smelled so good.”

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