Marine Combat Veteran Launches Political Website

Published on June 27, 2014

(Tampa, FL) Too often people only hear from senior military officers regarding national and international policy. Now get the chance to hear from an enlisted Marine combat veteran who has launched a political website so people can read about “Facts not Fiction” political commentaries.

John Ubaldi is a 30 year veteran of the Marine Corps with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a leading authority on Civil Affairs, relating to Counterinsurgency and Irregular Warfare. Ubaldi is a published author in various military journals.

He is the CEO/ President of Ubaldi, a popular political news site that provides credible, authenticated substantiated geo-political information.

With his new website, readers can become well-informed, educated and knowledgeable active citizens that can take responsible action of their own choice.

His knowledge of Middle Eastern Culture and Defense policy has afforded him the opportunity to speak on many national and local news programs, including “The Washington Journal”.

Since his deployments to the Middle East, John is a frequent speaker at public and civic action groups in Northern California on national and international related subjects.

Recently he relocated his business to the Tampa, Florida region. He completed a Master’s Degree in National Security studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies.

John is now available for interviews. He will provide a fresh perspective to discuss the most current topics of interest relating to our nations politics and international related concerns.

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Phone: 813-415-3048

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