In Radio Interview, Angelique Rewers Unveils Secrets to Get Corporate Contracts

Published on June 28, 2014

Corporate Agent Angelique Rewers visited Influencers Radio recently to share her secrets for small business owners and solopreneurs unsure about how to begin marketing their services to lucrative corporate customers.

Entrepreneur and Corporate Agent Angelique Rewers recently spoke with Jack Mize on Influencers Radio about how she left her Fortune 500 corporate job to start her own business, independently marketing her services to the corporate world she left behind. Rewers says many small business owners and “solopreneurs” can use her secrets to stop chasing small-time clients and tap into the $8-trillion+ corporate market for highly lucrative contracts.

During the interview, Rewers lamented that too many small business owners are afraid to approach corporate customers. “It all comes down to mindset; because the corporation is not doing you a favor by hiring you; this is an opportunity for them to get your expertise, typically at a bargain, because they’re working directly with you. You’re the expert in your field.”

She adds, “On one side, you have corporations riddled with problems. They want innovative solutions from outside experts who can bring great ideas to the table to help them get results. Meanwhile, you have small business owners—outside experts—desperate for clients who can afford to invest in their services again and again. My mission is to build a bridge between both sides and help them find each other so they can both be successful.”

Rewers said it isn’t only small business owners who have never been in the corporate world who struggle to tap into the lucrative corporate market; “corporate escapees” often need a mindset change also. “Typically what happens with corporate escapees is they run screaming from the building as an employee. They struggle to make the mental shift that just because they’re selling their services to corporations, it does not make them an employee.” Rewers adds that these entrepreneurs should take advantage of their insight, contacts and expertise from having worked on the inside to build their new solo ventures.

Rewers invited interested entrepreneurs to download a free report from her website,, that includes 13 steps for approaching corporate customers. She also urged listeners to check out her 3-day conference at the end of June by visiting, where she will host seminars about attracting big corporate contracts.

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