Mark Niemchak Gets Fat to Help People Get Fit

Published on April 4, 2016

Mark Niemchak, Doctor and founder of Ideal Lifestyle Advocates, makes a health statement by gaining 16 pounds. He looks to help his patients lose weight alongside him, and show them that as quickly as one can gain weight, they can lose it.

What may at first seem to be a complete one-eighty in healthy living habits is actually a very conscious and deliberate action to help people to become more healthy.

In early March, Dr. Mark Niemchak, DC, adjusted his diet, exercise, and eating habits to match that of 90% of Americans.  He and Judi McCormick, who lived an active and healthy lifestyle, began eating mostly carbohydrates, processed foods, and sugar.  They also limited their protein and fat consumption.  Finally, they led mostly sedentary lives, avoiding exercise.

“I wanted to be reminded of the consequences of our habits, good or bad,” says Niemchak.  “Our habits define who we are.”

After over three weeks of this altered nutritional and movement patterns, Niemchak gained 16 pounds.  Now, he will show that in an equally short amount of time, a person can transform their body and health in a positive way.

Niemchak promotes a ketogenic diet, on which people consume primarily fats and proteins, and limit carbohydrate intake.  One campaign includes the “Eat Bacon Diet,” showing that losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to involve cutting out enjoyable foods.

Starting in April, Niemchak and McCormick are leading a small group of participants on a month-long transformation in their health, including the ketogenic diet, nutritional supplements, and an exercise routine.  This 30-day Program will show the participants that great health can be attained in a short period of time, and in a very sustainable way.

“Some people believe that to be healthy, you need to starve yourself, or never eat great foods.  Or, some people think you have to work out every day.  The problem is that the evidence shows that conventional wisdom just doesn’t work.”

Niemchak will be documenting the process he uses to lose weight day-by-day, so that future participants can know exactly how they felt and the challenges they faced and overcame.  His aim is to release the 16 pounds he gained, and McCormick will lose 17.

“Many people who aren’t in great shape say things like, ‘That’s easy for you to say, you’re fit,’ when it comes to exercise or diet.  Now Judi and I are in the exact same situation at they are, and we can empathize and face the challenges together.”

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