Mark Pnacek, Certified Recovery Life Coach, Interviewed for Business Innovators Radio About What It Takes To Succeed in Recovery

Published on June 18, 2015

Mark Pnacek, a Midland Recovery Coach was interviewed on Business Innovators Radio about common obstacles recoveries face when making positive transitions in their lives. Mark was selected due to his special expertise on recovery coaching.

Certified Recovery Life Coach, Mark Pnacek who works independently in Midland, Michigan was selected out of thousands of life coaches to appear as a featured guest on Business Innovators Radio to talk about how those who struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction can make amazing transitions in their lives to become productive members of society and stay in recovery.

Pnacek was selected because of his track record of helping hundreds of people struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction break through their biggest obstacles when getting and staying on the path to true living and because of his good standing in his local community.

“I cannot tell you how happy I am to be asked to appear on Business Innovators Radio,” Pnacek says. “Anytime I have this type of opportunity to discuss what I’m passionate about and reach people who are going into recovery, struggling to remain in recovery, or may be unsure about themselves or what they need to do, I am always grateful to share what it takes to succeed in getting and staying in recovery with them.”

During the interview, Pnacek explained the biggest obstacles people in recovery face are not being sure they want to go to treatment, being afraid, being in denial, and being unsure they have a problem.

“When people in addiction get to a place of willingness sometimes they don’t know how to take that first step,”  Pnacek says.  “We are the hands and feet that they don’t have yet and we are the people that build the bridge to the treatment centers. Once they are through the treatment, say through a sober living facility, we also bridge the gap so that they are able to plug back into the community because all of the socialized living skills have deteriorated.”

When asked about how a recoveree can deal with stress Pnacek says a recoveree must stay in today, do the next right thing, and have faith in the fact that the goals that have been set out in front of them are the right recipe to get them to the end result of staying in their continuous process of being successful in true living. He says they must live in the moment of who they are as human beings in total self acceptance of what the process is within themselves.

After ten years of being in recovery and staying on the path of positivity and enlightenment for himself, Mark found a passion for giving back what was so freely given to him by being the one friend in a person’s life who can say he has felt their pain and can guide them to living true to themselves and everyone else even when nobody else will talk to them or is simply done in their life.

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