Mary Hinds speaks with Chicago Business Columnist About How Mary’s Undercover Miracle helps People Grow Thicker, Healthy Hair

Published on January 5, 2016

Mary Hinds is owner and creator of Mary's Undercover Miracle and she recently spoke to Mark Imperial of Chicago's Remarkable Business Column about how people can use natural solutions to grow thick and beautiful hair...even if it's thinning or unhealthy now.

Chicago, IL—People’s attachment to their hair transcends age or gender. Having healthy looking hair that doesn’t break off is a huge concern for many. Fragile hair is a result of many things, some natural and some caused by over-processing and styling tools. Restoring hairs strength and luster does not happen overnight, but it does happen when the right products are applied to the hair, according to Mary Hinds, who developed her own all-natural product line to combat breakage. After careful cultivation of her recipes, Hinds now has long, healthy hair and has developed a fan-following through her website and Etsy of others like herself who are now experiencing the same. When asked by Mark Imperial how she came about the product and the following her response was:

“When I was young girl I had long hair down my back. It was so thick that when my mom hot combed my hair, it would burn her hands from the heat retention,” she says. “Well, as I grew older, I tried all kinds of products, and even cut my hair. One day I said that I would love to have the beautiful, long, healthy hair that I once had in the past. So, I decided to create a product that would give me the results that I sought after. I began experimenting with various products. Soon afterwards, people started commenting on how beautiful my hair was and they would ask questions like ‘Is that your real hair?’ and ‘How did you get it to grow so fast?’ People were saying that my hair looked so healthy. Some even thought it was a wig! I prayed to God for guidance, and needless to say, I started producing the product at home in my kitchen. Now, I market and sell Mary’s Undercover Miracle.”

She created Mary’s Undercover Miracle, known to all as “MUM” because she knew that she was not alone in wanting to have long, manageable hair.   She knew that there were people like herself looking for a product that would not only help heal damaged hair, but would also produce quick results as well. Mary is so convinced that everyone will achieve her same results of thick hair and ends that she offers a money back guarantee on her products—something she has not been taken up on yet.

“For various reasons people have problems with their hair. Although everyone thinks their problem is unique actually many have the same underlying problem and MUM just might be the solution for you,” she says. “One set of products for all hair types. If they don’t work, I say return them.”

Her customers appreciate her help…

“I have been using MUM and it really helped thicken my hair and helped it to grow. There were two places on my head where it seemed like my hair just wouldn’t grow. Then I started using MUM and could surely tell the difference. Even my sister noticed the growth. MUM is an awesome product”…Shenna Ross

“I’m one happy customer. My baby hair is growing!! Thanks MUM!!!” …Natasha Freeman Davis

“This product is great for all hair types. It promotes length and strength. Shampoo and conditioner are available in addition to the original MUM oil. My family loves this product, try it today.” …India Williams

Mary’s Undercover Miracle is all natural and can be purchased online or through her Etsy store at

Company Name: Mary's Undercover Miracle
Contact Person: Mary Hinds
Phone: 815-954-1283
Country: United States