Math Celebrity’s Don Sevcik Featured on Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show to Talk a Little Math

Published on January 10, 2016

Don Sevcik’s Math Celebrity is a one-stop tutor shop for those trying to overcome difficulties and challenges with math.

Chicago, IL – Math instructor and creator of the online tutor portal “Math Celebrity”, Don Sevcik was recognized as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio”, which spotlights noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe. He was called on the show to share his thoughts on online math tutoring and how to better educate and prepare students for the future.

As a math tutor, Sevcik spent years developing his approach to math instruction. Knowing the importance of a good foundation in math, he sought to find a way to bring tutorials to those students whose families lacked the financial capabilities to seek one-on-one math help. Being a programmer, as well, Sevcik realized that there was another way.

“Eight years ago, I was tutoring a few students and wanted to find a way to reach more people at all hours. I could not fit anybody else into my schedule,” he explained. “I was a programmer at the time, and the light bulb went off, why not build something smart enough to be a digital math tutor that could answer questions quickly for anybody that visited the website.”

Today that website receives 200,000+ unique visitors a month across 30 different countries. He explains that students love his website for its ease and step-by-step math instruction that enables them to pick apart the “how” and replicate it in similar equations they may have to solve in the future. As an added bonus the website includes both “traditional” and Common Core, something an immense relief to parents who were not as pleased with the shift in style.

Don Sevcik has been helping individuals in a unique way and this is what they have to say about him:

Worked like a charm

“Fantastic! I was a tad weary. But it worked like a charm! I got certified! I’m studying now to make sure I know everything to back up my certification. But in a crunch, this was AWESOME!”  Meghan Vital

You Just Rock Man!!

“Yes, I did it! this is a really legit platform to get certification via using Don’s answer copy for Inbound Marketing Certification.” Nand Khatri

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