Matthew D. Miglin, America’s Cashflow and Money Strategist, Launches New Business Podcast called “The Voice of Prosperity”.

Published on March 7, 2018

Matthew is the CEO of Voice of Prosperity, LLC – a cashflow generator for business owners, money saving strategies, money making systems, physical and spiritual health, mentoring, and educational resources company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses to grow, prosper, build wealth, improve health and lead more fulfilling lives.

He has presented well-received and profit- enhancing business seminars to individuals, businesses, schools, churches, organizations and government agencies. He is a Certified Seminar Leader through American Seminar Leaders Association, an ordained minister and a licensed counselor and coach with NCCA.

Miglin commented: “I am so excited to bring my decades of experience to these podcast episodes each week. Money is a major concern to most people, from all walks of life. Financial stress is destroying marriages, families, health, and worker productivity. Middle Americans are making financial decisions that are sabotaging their futures and retirements—while inflation is making them poorer and poorer each year, they don’t even know it. They are making foolish money mistakes like living beyond their means, not setting aside money reserves, taking foolish risks, playing the lottery and going deeper into debt with little concern. If you’re ready to do what it takes to make small changes to reap big rewards, than it will take a particular mindset, the right attitude, and positive habits.  I am here to help you every step of the way. Through these podcasts I will help you get on the road to financial, spiritual and personal freedom starting right now!”

Ways to connect with Matthew D. Miglin:

Company Name: Marketing Huddle, LLC
Contact Person: Mike Saunders, MBA
Phone: 1-888-467-6374
Country: United States