Uulala The Blockchain Based Latino FinTech Company To Keynote ALPFA.org Cryptocurrency Education Event

Published on March 7, 2018

ALPFA.org is hosting an event learn about the current Latino financial paradigm as it relates to access to services and credit, and how cryptocurrency is helping to empower a population that traditionally has been denied access to such services.

ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) is the longest standing Latino organization with 81,000+ members assembled in 44 professional and more than 160 student chapters across America. Their vision is to be the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market. There is a real need for more Latino leaders. At a time when the business community desperately seeks talent and America’s young Latinos desperately seek opportunity, ALPFA is a bridge between the two resulting in thousands of Latino college students in paid professional internships and careers.  ALPFA develops the next generation of Latino professionals via experiential leadership development and mentoring from senior corporate executives, whom we empower into the C-suite and onto corporate boards. ALPFA is also a proven growth accelerator for Latino entrepreneurs, helping them to build networks, access capital, and scale much more rapidly by opening the door to significant business opportunities with our more than 200 Fortune 1000 partners.

Thursday, March 8th ALPFA is hosting an event titled, Cryptocurrency: Using Technology to Empower Latino Communities.

Uulala, the blockchain company that empowers underbanked Latinos with financial inclusion to connect the cash consumer to the formal economy, CEO Oscar Garcia will be the keynote for this educational event. The event looks to educate the community around what is cryptocurrency? How is it different from traditional currency? How are businesses using it to accelerate the financial inclusion of under-banked populations? “I am excited to share the mission of Uulala with this amazing community of Latino professionals so we can work together to empower the culture, strive forward and create strong ethical leaders our children can emulate” stated Garcia.  

Uulala is a financial solutions platform that provides the underbanked population’s access to the financial inclusion tools they need to change their future. Our proprietary micro-credit algorithms and processes can extrapolate users’ purchase history and behavioral habits to forecast their true financial abilities in a moment by moment basis. Most financial activities do not count for a standard credit score. The fico system does not work around the world. A change is needed for global consumers to have access to products and services they desire. The Uulala platform is a unique system that tracks all financial activities and combines that with decentralized database technology to show the level of creditworthiness a user possesses.

About ALPFA:

ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) was the first national Latino professional association in the United States, established in Los Angeles in 1972.    We also promote a culture of philanthropy throughout the Latino community, encouraging our members to volunteer with and engage on behalf of, local charities. We actively seek hands-on leadership building experiences for our members and to engage that considerable talent to make a measurable impact for national charitable organizations. http://www.alpfa.org/  

About Uulala:

Uulala is a minority-owned US-based corporation with the majority of shareholders being first or second generation Latin Americans. Uulala is a mission-driven organization to facilitate and accelerate the financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked population across the Americas. Uulala empowers the underbanked communities of the world through the Uulala platform by providing financial tools for them to build credit, send money, participate in ecommerce and elevate out of a cash-only environment. Uulala will drive change and betterment of Latino culture through the massive social impact their banking platform and mobile app can have on a culture that lacks trust in traditional banking systems.  Uulala platform not only provides ways for Latinos to participate in secure financial transactions, build credit and offer remittance services but also gain access to entertainment and shopping services that were once out of reach because of their banking status. Additional Information


Company Name: Uulala
Contact Person: Matthew Loughran
Email: media@uulala.io
Phone: 855-577-4587
Country: USA
Website: https://tokensale.uulala.io