Media and Personal Branding Authorities meet with SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet in Atlanta

Published on January 17, 2016

SBA Administrator speaks with Small Business Branding Experts at Global Authority Agency about State of the Union address and small business programs.

Hours after President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address he sent out his cabinet members to back up his message to major cities around the country. Maria Contreras-Sweet the Presidential appointed administrator for the Small Business Administration was in Atlanta at Pro Business Studios discussing the future of small business in the United States and locally in Georgia and the southern business hub of Atlanta.

Media authorities Craig Williams and Neil Howe of Global Authority Agency had the chance to meet and talk with the administrator concerning the availability of SBA loans and how a business is best positioned to receive the available capital.

The SBA has a portfolio of over $120 billion dollars and back these loans through banks through their LINC program. LINC is like the of banking where business owners can go to the website and answer a series of questions and be matched with banks in their area who are interested in giving them a loan.

Mrs. Contreras-Sweet explained the SBA was there to give counseling to Small Business Owners on how to prepare to go in and see a banker and put your best foot forward with a good business plan and proper positioning. “How to prepare to go in and see a banker and put your best foot forward are important attributes that really help you go far in life,” said the Administrator

Williams and Howe of Global Authority Agency echo that statement by providing personal branding and media attention to entrepreneurs and business owners. Howe says, “One of the first things a banker is going to do when considering giving you a loan is to check out your business online for your positioning and you reputation. These things are important to show you are established and growing and give the banker a sense of safety in offering you a loan that will not default.” Williams adds, “Being featured as a leader and an authority in your community through proper positioning is the best way to secure not only bank loans, but the security of your business long term.”

It is the small businesses that drive the economy providing two thirds of the jobs in America, so it is vitally important to keep the momentum going through access to business capital for innovative business expansion.

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