Robin Kellogg’s “A Life Put on Hold” Achieves Best-Seller Status and Receives High Rankings on Amazon

Robin Kellogg’s “A Life Put on Hold” Achieves Best-Seller Status and Receives High Rankings on Amazon

“A Life Put on Hold” is Robin Kellogg’s powerful story of how a family copes with a child’s brain injury. The book is currently available on Amazon, and recently earned best-seller status in multiple categories.

Robin Kellogg’s powerful book, “A Life Put on Hold: My Son’s Journey With a Brain Injury and the Lessons I’ve Learned Along the Way,” has gained significant popularity since its release on Amazon. The book recently became a best-seller in three categories, and has earned a five-star rating among readers.

The book was published on May 29, 2014, and written under the pen name of Evie Rosen. It tells the story of how Kellogg and her family dealt and coped with the diagnosis and treatment of their son’s brain injury. The story has touched many people and led to the book achieving best-seller status on three Amazon book lists. They include number three in the Kindle nonfiction category of Parenting & Relationships/Special Needs/Disabilities; number eleven in the Kindle nonfiction category of Parenting & Relationships/Parenting; and number five in the Parenting & Relationships/Parenting/Boys category.

Readers have also been quick to write reviews of the book, and they are universally positive. Readers are attracted to the personal nature of the story, and to the obvious pain and frustration that Kellogg shares about dealing with a traumatic brain injury and its aftermath. Many are left wanting more information, and are calling this a seminal work in the area of dealing with a child who has special needs.

One reader wrote, “This book perfectly describes the challenges her son faced, as well as the profound effect it had on her family and their mental health. This is a must-read book for anyone who is dealing with a child, relative or friend who suffers from a brain injury, or has other special needs.” The book lets readers glimpse into the complex and difficult world of dealing with a child who has special needs, and is the type of book that both educates and consoles families who struggle with brain injuries.

Kellogg’s goal was to have her book become an important resource for individuals and families who are raising a child with a challenge. Kellogg said, “I wrote this book to both tell my story and to provide others with a helping hand, and I am very gratified that the book has been well received. The fact that the book appeared on three Amazon best-seller lists and is receiving such praise from readers means that readers find it useful and informative, and that makes me very happy.”

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