Mexican Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Hits No. 1 On the Best Sellers Lists with patient stories after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Published on June 15, 2016

Mexican Gastric Sleeve Surgeon, Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, hits No. 1 on the Best Sellers Lists: Bariatrics and Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery. Real stories from real weight loss surgery patients.

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez who’s performed over 10,000 Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgeries (commonly called the Vertical Sleeve) lets his patients tell their weight loss stories after Gastric Sleeve surgery (a surgery that reduces the size of their stomach by 85% – but does not reroute the colon like in a Gastric Bypass surgery) in his newly updated book 34 Gastric Sleeve Stories. On June 14, 2016 the book hit two No. 1 positions on the best seller lists: for Bariatrics and Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery.

In 34 Gastric Sleeve Stories patients tell their very personal stories with weight issues and how their lives changed after gastric sleeve surgery. Stories like one woman who was mostly a recluse in her home for years and now has a full active life, another one who ballooned up to 258 pounds before surgery, a physical therapist who describes her 232 pound loss from the surgery, and a 25 year medical doctor who chose Dr. Alvarez and Mexico instead of his own hospital.

“Having weight loss surgery in Mexico can be a scary thing for many patients,” Dr. Alvarez admits. “But with Facebook, the internet and the ability to search the reputation of a surgeon from anywhere in the world, people are becoming more confident coming to Mexico.”

People like being able to connect with other patients and hear and read their stories about having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico which is why Alvarez published this book. The raw and unedited stories tell of the pain of being obese and their journey to permanent weight loss.

Educated in the US, Mexico, and France, Dr. Guillermo Alvarez has been performing the gastric sleeve surgery since 2006 and over 2.2 million visitors have watched his YouTube videos about the surgery. He is one of only 11 surgeons worldwide with the designation of surgeon of Excellence by an independent review board. He was written up in Newsweek as a leader in health care and featured on ABC news for having performed the gastric sleeve surgery on a 12 year old patient.

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