Michael Brue Signs Exclusive Book Deal with XMS Publishing

Published on January 22, 2018

Market Center Owner, General Manager, and Top Real Estate Broker Michael Brue has signed a deal with XMS Publishing for the publishing of his upcoming book called 15 Minute Principle, which is scheduled for release in early April 2018.

PORT ST LUCIE, FLORIDA, JANUARY 23RD, 2018 – Michael Brue specializes in helping professional’s break down the walls of mediocrity and get on a proven path to growth and success. He has a system for getting people moving in the right direction by leading them on a path of discovery, uncovering what really matters to them and showing them that a simple change can lead them to the success they desire.

Brue states “Sometimes people expect to get instant results in life but, it really boils down to strategic focus. Given the world we live in with push button access and instant gratification it’s no wonder people believe this is the way everything works. You can get what you want, and it can feel almost instant, but it does take some action. 15 Minute Principle is a proven system to get you on the right track quickly.”

Look for 15 Minute Principle in April 2018 to be available on Amazon.com and other national book retailers.

About Michael Brue

Michael Brue has been a top Real Estate Broker for 15 years using his expertise to help build and expand his five Keller Williams Realty Market Centers in South Florida. Michael leads a team of 1,100 realtors spread across five market centers and two supporting business centers that have generated several billion dollars in volume. He is passionate about building others up and allowing them to shine with the success he knows is inside of them. Using his proven system, he is able to draw out an agents maximum potential.

Company Name: XMS Publishing
Contact Person: Keith Dougherty
Email: keith@xmspublishing.com
Phone: 772-675-5717
Country: US
Website: http://xmspublishing.com/