Mickey Mikeworth Recently Interviewed In The Weekly Informer Magazine

Mickey Mikeworth Recently Interviewed In The Weekly Informer Magazine

Minneapolis, MN USA – Mickey Mikeworth, Wealth Manager and “CFO For Hire”, was recently featured in Small Business Trendsetters and Weekly Informer Magazine. The interviews give a glimpse into how one can go from financial distress to financial prosperity and success as an advisor.

Mickey Mikeworth is an award winning financial advisor and was featured in an one on one interview in Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. The interview reveals how Ms. Mickworth went from being a welfare mom to one the national top financial advisors. A two time “Women in Finance” award winner and a Five Star Wealth Manager Award winner. She is also a speaker and private consultant. 

The interview, revealed how her mom unknowingly put her on the path to financial success and helped launch her career in finance. 

She relates “My mom told me about a part time job that changed my entire future, I started working in a finance firm answering the phone and I fell in love with understanding wealth.”

As a consultant and self professed math geek Ms. Mikeworth who works with clients around the country is in the top 1% of Financial Advisors in Minnesota.

According to Mikeworth “There are very specific things you have to know at certain financial points in business. I service mostly companies under 12 million in annual revenue. A larger company may have different needs and be on a different path.”

In today’s rough economy the need for financial advise is growing and many advisors are answering the call.  Ms. Mikeworth mission to help businesses achieve success is well chronicled.

For more information about Mickey Mikeworth consulting follow her at https://twitter.com/prosperityhabit

For the full interview of Mickey Mikeworth visit http://smallbusinesstrendsetters.com/from-welfare-to-award-winning-wealth-manager-mickey-mikeworth-shares-her-story/

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