Ventura Plumbing Company Celebrates First 33 Years

Ventura Plumbing Company Celebrates First 33 Years

JDM Plumbing Specialists celebrate 33 years serving Ventura County businesses and homeowners. The family owned plumbing service is adding family members to the business to prepare for the next 33 years.

“I’m very good at plumbing. I’ve been plumbing for over 33 years. Plumbing I know”, says David Barroso, owner of JDM Plumbing. “The business end is what I’m learning now.”

David recently took over the entire business. “I bought my brother out in November. So I’m kind of changing directions“, he said.

“I was always the one that was on the field doing all the work. Now I’m kind of doing both. I’m on the field still, but I’m trying to do the office work and maintain and running the office. That’s the part I’m learning.”

“My son is getting ready to graduate from California Luthern University with a business major. My hope is that he will take over the business later on if that’s what he chooses to do.”

David is getting more help from family with the office duties. “My daughter Amanda takes care of my Facebook page for me. I’m not really that savvy on the Facebook stuff. Amanda helps me out with that and we go over it and I give her suggestions and she gives me suggestions. That’s kind of like what her job is.”

David is educating his customers by posting weekly plumbing tips. “I try to post a helpful plumbing tip at least once a week. I try to find things homeowners can do on their own, something that saves them money in the long run.”

“Now that California in a severe drought, I try to show people how to save water.” says David.

JDM Plumbing’s Facebook page hosts simple tips, such as how to fix a dripping faucet or leaking toilet. Both are very common problems and each can each cost the homeowner 3,000 gallons of water per year.

With California’s reservoirs at 20% capacity heading into the driest part of the year, higher water prices are inevitable. “You can spend 12 cents for a washer or $68 a month for wasted water”, says David “And we do offer a senior citizen discount.”

The water-saving tips are especially timely as Ventura County cities are facing ground water pumping restrictions to prevent sea-water intrusions into the county’s aquifers. More expensive imported water can make up the difference, but at a cost of several million dollars in each city. Those additional costs will be passed along to citizens through rate hikes.

The Camarillo City Council has already acted by adopting a stage 2 water conservation ordinance June 25. City water customers are now faced with fines starting at $100 for the first violation. Among other restrictions, the ordinance requires homeowners to fix irrigation and plumbing leaks.

“I expect these ordinances in each Ventura County city this summer”, said David.

JDM Plumbing relies on commercial construction as well as residential business to help keep its crews busy. “There’s nothing worse than having to send one of my guys home early because I have no work for him.”