Mike DeCubellis D.C., Owner and Director of Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center Reveals How Chiropractic Treats The Problems, Not The Symptoms On Remarkable Radio

Mike DeCubellis D.C., Owner and Director of Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center Reveals How Chiropractic Treats The Problems, Not The Symptoms On Remarkable Radio

Owner and Director of Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, Mike DeCubellis D.C., was the featured guest on Remarkable Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about How Chiropractic Treats The Problems, Not The Symptoms

On a recent episode of Remarkable Radio with Mark Imperial, Mike DeCubellis D.C., Owner and Director of Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, discussed How Chiropractic Treats The Problems, Not The Symptoms.

According to DeCubellis D.C., it is important to find the root cause of pain so with proper treatment, the pain won’t come back.

DeCubellis D.C., said “What we do is we try to treat the problems not the symptoms. What that means is that if someone comes in with pain, we want to figure out why they’re in pain. What we don’t want, is to do a treatment or two, pain starts to get better, then it comes back, and we don’t have an explanation for why. So we get to the root cause right away. We fix the cause of the pain and we’re confident that it is not going to come back. We do a lot of specialized testing to get to the root cause. X-rays, orthopedic tests, range of motion tests — but it really depends on the patient’s history and what brought them in. ”.

When host Mark Imperial asked what are the most common ailments he sees in his office, DeCubellis D.C. answered, “You know, the two biggest things we see are neck and back pain. We also see quite a bit of Headaches, carpal tunnel and joint issues as well. The best advice I can give is: if you have a pain somewhere in the neck or back, a headache, or pain elsewhere and it’s persisted for more than a couple of days—If it hasn’t gone away by now, it’s not going to go away. What we do is we try to figure out what is the best way we can work with you. Unfortunately we can’t help everyone. Sometimes people have waited too long and it’s become more serious. This is why we work with other doctors in the area — Neurologists, Orthopedic surgeons– and we can make sure patients get the best help. The best advice I can give is: it’s always better to get things checked out sooner rather than later. The longer it’s there, the longer it takes to get rid of, but the more chance for other complications to arise as well. The sooner the better”.

During the Interview DeCubellis D.C. shared when to see a Chiropractor or a Doctor, explaining, “Over 80 percent of all the hospital visits in this country are from neck and back pain. And the problem with that is that if you go into hospital with back pain and they find out that it’s not an emergency, they really don’t have much to offer you except medication! And even if those medications help, they’re going to wear off at some point. They don’t fix anything, they just kind of help you get out of that initial phase of healing. Because what happens is, any time you have pain, or you have an injury, your body goes through three specific phases of healing: Your body goes through the inflammation phase; the repair phase; and the remodel phase. Now the inflammation phase is only supposed to last a couple of days. During that phase, that’s when you get your anti-inflammatories, you might get some pain medication, and you use ice, because your body is basically just in panic mode and we’re trying to calm that down. The repair phase is where the actual healing happens. That’s when your body is producing new collagen. It’s unfortunately using scar tissue first. That’s what immature collagen is, scar tissue. The only way to have it mature and not stay as scar tissue is to restore the normal motion or movement of the injured area. This is why it is vital to see the right kind of Dr at the right time. MD’s are great during the inflammation phase. When patients have really bad pain, and they go to their M.D.  or their primary care Doctor. They’ll get an anti-inflammatory, maybe they get some pain meds for a week or two, and then they come see us because there’s no one who can fill in that void in the repair phase except for the chiropractors. And it really takes someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s a specific type of treatment you’ve got to do at different levels. But also, you’ve got to test along the way. We can’t just be having patients come in doing things and saying we’ll just see in a couple of weeks and hope you get better. We’ve got to monitor along the way, because we want to make sure we get the best possible outcome, and can prove the improvement. And if we’re not, that’s when you go to Plan B, Plan C, plan D”.

Mike DeCubellis D.C. is the owner and director at Main Street Chiropractic. After completing his degrees from the University of Florida and Palmer Chiropractic College, he opened Main Street Chiropractic in 2009. Dr. DeCubellis has been featured in Suburban Life Magazine’s Professional Spotlight on 4 different occasions, and voted Best Chiropractor in Downers Grove multiple times. The most recent was 2017 by two separate publications, including Suburban Life. His clinical approach works on the actual problem to achieve long lasting symptom relief.

The interview concluded with DeCubellis D.C. saying “The biggest thing with what I do is try to restore the body’s normal movement patterns…What I like to do is I always like to look at the patient before we do treatments. We have specialized motion studies we can do that show problems, like ligament issue, standard tests miss. I also prefer take X-rays on most patients, so I know what I’m working on, and I can to make sure it’s safe.”.

To listen to the full interview on Remarkable Radio, visit https://www.wckg.com/remarkableradio/mike-decubellis/.

To learn more about Mike DeCubellis D.C. and Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, IL, please visit http://ChiropracticDownersGrove.com/.

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