Top Real Estate Agent Dawn Dause Sponsors New Home Listing Video Pages On YouTube and Facebook For Plainfield and Shorewood Illinois

New Home Listing Video Pages on YouTube and Facebook Titled “Plainfield Living” and “Shorewood Living” Now Sponsored Exclusively By Top Realtor and #1 RE/MAX Agent in Plainfield, Dawn Dause.

Dawn Dause, founder of The Dawn Dause Group and #1 RE/MAX agent in Plainfield, IL sponsors the only updated-daily, home listing video sites in existence for the cities of Plainfield and Shorewood, Illinois titled “Plainfield Living” and “Shorewood Living”. The publisher of both city pages is Downers Grove, Illinois resident Mark Imperial, founder of Imperial Action, with offices in Oak Brook, IL and Naperville, IL. Imperial Action is the only Digital Agency specializing in home video listings for Realtors and Lenders with a radio program on-the-air.

Explaining the Home Video Listings process, Imperial said, “We are fortunate to be able to promote these pages on radio, online, along with other media. Folks who want to sell or purchase a home want to know their Realtor is current with all the ways people prefer to research homes, and the number one way has always been videos and photos. By sponsoring both ‘Plainfield Living’ and ‘Shorewood Living’, Dawn assures her sellers and buyers they are covering the biggest places where sellers and buyers are — including Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Our system provides marketing that the ‘big’ real estate sites do not and cannot provide, which I share with agents and lenders on a 10-minute demo by phone”.

When asked the benefits for the consumer, Imperial explained, “You know how when you search for an address of a home you want to buy, you mostly see just static listings? Our videos stand out, and because the buyer prefers to watch a video of the home, they watch and are immediately given the agent sponsor’s contact info so they can call the agent to tour the home. Once they see one video, they are shown more videos from the agent or lender, and the buyer will immediately know that these YouTube and Facebook pages have all of the videos of homes in the city they want to search. For the page sponsor(s), this of course, all leads those folks to the 1 Agent or 1 Lender who sponsors the city page.”

Imperial clarified that the pages are compliant to local Real Estate codes of ethics by stating “The benefit is that our sponsor’s contact information is given first thing on every home listing video. However, if the listing belongs to another agent, to remain compliant, we keep the original agent’s information intact, it’s just at the bottom. Also, since we are a third-party publisher of the pages, we are allowed to promote all the listings in the city, while agents cannot directly do that individually. This is important to know”.

Imperial is bringing the technology to other Illinois cities, as new city pages on YouTube and Facebook are being launched each week. The popularity with Brokers, Agents, and Mortgage professionals has spread due to the fact that they can be the exclusive provider of this level of marketing for their sellers and buyers in a particular city they serve.”

Imperial said, “Because we create new, unique listing videos each day for the city page, we can only do this for one agent, one office, or one lender in any given city. This is due to the way Google ranks video, they will not show duplicate content when people search. Having only one exclusive agent or lender assures the marketing works”.

Imperial explains why only top producing offices sponsor his pages by saying, “Agents like Dawn Dause are #1 for a reason – they understand the whole picture of Marketing and Selling a home, beyond just the tactics – and that’s why they’re successful. They understand the need for 1) Platform 2) Message 3) Audience Traffic. These City Pages offer all 3 elements. Less successful performers only focus on tactics and new gimmicks, which there are no shortage of. Successful offices stick with the fundamentals that work, and apply only the new technology that are rooted in the fundamentals. Most marketing being offered to Real Estate Professionals today are only pieces that are missing the fundamentals of how people buy. Not a criticism because even broken tactics can work a little, however they need to understand the whole picture if they want strong, consistent results”.

Having already secured several big cities in Illinois, including Naperville, Plainfield, and Shorewood to name a few, Imperial is expecting many of the most popular cities to be taken by 2018.

Marketing, Publishing, and Producing media to help match consumers with products and professionals has been the specialty for Mark Imperial for over 23 years.

Summarizing his experience, Imperial said, “In the advertising and marketing world, we know one principle that brings fast and greatest growth — and that is the fact that the most successful professionals have one thing in common: they control a platform, whether in-print, on the radio, TV, or the web. Like Oprah, Dave Ramsey, or even the Real Estate shows on TV. They control the media, therefore control the action, and this gives them tremendous advantage. This is why I choose to focus mainly on Publishing Media that my clients can control, such as Radio, TV, Podcasting and Digital Platforms. Sponsoring digital properties like ‘Plainfield Living’ or ‘Shorewood Living’ are examples of controlling a platform so they are seen as having the power and being the one-and-only choice in that area”.

Mark Imperial is a best-selling author, radio host, Marketer-of-the-Year runner up, and founder of Imperial Action, a customer-generation company specializing in publishing digital media, radio, and video, and the only digital agency of its kind on-the-air. Offices are located in Oak Brook and Naperville, IL. Mr. Imperial has been helping businesses generate clients and customers for over 23 years and his clients are thrilled with their results. Profile:

Imperial concluded by saying “We are seeing a lot of exposure for these homes, along with the Agents and Lenders who bring these videos to the public, and it’s only getting stronger. We publish all the listings in each city, so the exposure grows quickly starting from day one. The more videos we publish for our sponsors, the more exposure for the homes and the bigger our agents’ footprints become. Everyone wins, from the consumer to the agents, and that’s what will make this a win-win project.”

To learn more about Home Listing Video YouTube and Facebook Pages, to see which cities remain available for sponsorship, and for a 10-minute demonstration of the system by phone, Mark Imperial can be reached by email: or on his agency website at

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