Millennium Hair Restoration Gets Website Make-Over

Published on June 28, 2014

Millennium Hair Salon, leading southern California non-surgical hair replacement studio, has a new responsive web site. The new site supports smart phones as well as laptops and tablets that come to the site via mobile searches.

Millennium Hair Salon in Woodland Hills new site retains the look of the original Millennium web site, but it is now a ‘responsive’ web site. ‘Responsive’ means the website responds to your device by reshaping itself to fit your screen.

“We are very particular about appearance at Millennium,” said Grace, salon manager. “Appearance is what we do. We insisted the new website look just like the original site. But when we looked at our old site on a friend’s smart phone, we were appalled. Nothing worked.”

Millennium Hair Salon specializes in a unique and invisible hair replacement system. “We take a sample of your own hair and match it with real human hair for texture, color, length and wave pattern. We create a virtually undetectable foundation and every hair is attached to it by hand, one hair at a time, to achieve the right density, pattern and direction.

“It really is a natural looking hair replacement system and you have to see it to believe it” said Grace, “but you just couldn’t see it on a phone.” When they installed tracking, it was clear half of their visitors found them on cell phones. Grace said, “It was upsetting to know our web site looked like it did to so many people.”

Millennium’s old website developer was ‘un-responsive’ to requests to make the site mobile friendly. They also were unresponsive to making the site more findable in searches. It took a new design team to duplicate the site and make it both findable and viewable on all devices. “It was a lot of work, but now, our site looks good on tablets and phones and is a lot easier to find. We are showing up in some surprising places we never did before,” said Grace.

“Not only did we keep the look of the old web site, but we suddenly started showing up in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We even had the developers add new features, like maps with driving directions and click-to-call. We are quite pleased with the result.”

Millennium’s treatment for thinning hair is especially suited to those about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy hair loss. “We offer a complementary consultation. Let us meet with you before you begin your treatments. We’ll take samples of your live, healthy hair, match it and be ready to help you when symptoms first appear. No one ever needs to know.”

Millennium also provides natural looking hair extensions and treatment for both men’s and women’s hair replacement needs. Grace concluded, “We’re glad people can find us now.”

Millennium Hair Salon

20251 Ventura Blvd. Suite C
Woodland Hills, CA 91364



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