Mompreneur and Business Coach, Courtney Gillard, Hits Three Best Seller Lists

Published on June 30, 2014

Courtney Gillard, founder of LaDy LaDuke, recently hit three separate best seller lists with her book “How to Etsy: Shop Preparation.”

Tucson, AZ – June 30, 2014 – Fame Jumpers PR and Marketing congratulates Courtney Gillard, best-selling author of “How to Etsy: Shop Preparation” which recently hit three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The booked reached #3 in the ‘Small Business’ category, #4 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category, as well as #5 in the ‘E-Commerce’ category.

Gillard has dedicated herself to not only creating unique items for mothers and selling them in her own successful Etsy store, but also to showing others how to create their own success online. Gillard remarked, “The purpose of the book is to help the online business novice, who may be an artist or a Mom at home knowing she can open an Etsy Shop, but who may not know the details of how to make an Etsy Shop idea an actual business and brand that is growing and making money.”

Gillard’s book is part of a series of Etsy books intended to take future Etsy entrepreneurs from concept to completion, including effective marketing of their Etsy shop. When asked what prompted her to create the book series, Gillard responded, “I tend to get a lot of grateful communications from customers on Etsy about how fast I respond to them, which tells me there are some business basics missing for many Etsy Sellers.  My inspiration for this book stems from the necessity of combining business and artistry.  You can’t really have just creativity or artistry and no business or vice versa.  The combination is required for a winning formula.”

Gillard is encouraged by her success, and the success of her book, and hopes she can serve as a model for others looking to start their online businesses. “I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed to have a best seller!  Etsy has been good to me, and I’d love to see other Etsy sellers find their successes too!” she commented.

Gillard’s book, “How to Etsy: Shop Preparation” is available on at

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