Success Coach, Irene Lebedies, Interviewed on FIAVTS Radio Show

Success coach, Dr. Irene Lebedies, was recently interviewed on the FIAVTS radio show as an expert on coaching.

Phoenix, AZ – Dr. Irene Lebedies, a women’s success coach based in Phoenix, AZ was recently a featured as a guest on the FIAVTS radio show focused on effective coaching.

FIAVTS Radio is part of the FIAVTS mastermind group based out of Mesa, AZ. FIAVTS (pronounced Five Its), which stands for Focused In Adding Value To Society, is centered around the idea that there are ways everybody can be adding value to society through who they are, what they do, even the products or services offered through their business. FIAVTS explores ways in which people or businesses can have a greater positive impact on the world around them and helps to connect them to resources in order to facilitate action.

One way in which FIAVTS adds value is through their weekly radio show. Each week there is a new topic with a panel of experts available to offer their insights and solutions on the topic. Lebedies was invited to be an expert on a recent show centered on effective coaching practices.

When asked about common misconceptions around the value of coaching, Lebedies explained that people wait to see the doctor until they are sick, so feel that they must wait until their business is suffering before they seek the counsel of a coach. She states, “Coaching is not about being sick, but being well, and then getting better from there.”

Lebedies goes on to discuss other benefits of coaching, as well as some tips and insight into what she does with her clients to help them achieve greater levels of success in their businesses.

Currently, Dr. Lebedies works exclusively with women in her coaching practice. Her goal is to create a community of empowered women who can collectively encourage each other to greater success in business and life.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, visit FIAVTS Radio Show.

For more information, visit Confidence Point Coaching.

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