“Mr. Nobody” Makes a Name for Himself in Sweden’s Art World and Globally

Published on May 10, 2019

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - - - Peter Eugén has developed a reputation in the art world for creating dramatic paintings of landscapes and life-like portraits with a touch of pop art. His unique style has even grabbed the attention of such high-profile individuals as Sean Connery, Tony Robbins and Phil Collins – entertainers and thought leaders by trade and art collectors by hobby.

He creates works for art collectors, investors and galleries worldwide and is one of Sweden’s most-recognized artists. Eugén is best known for his watercolors, and his series of waterlily paintings has become his signature. In fact, his resume in the last five years alone includes more than 50 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad – including a number of upcoming events.

Peter has 9 exhibitions in Sweden and international in 2019.

With such a broad set of credentials, it may seem ironic that his nickname is Mr. Nobody, which resulted from an interview in which he was asked to describe who he is – and he responded with: “I am just nobody.” The moniker stuck.


A self-taught artist, Eugén says that through his powers of intuitive observation and attention to minute detail, he strives to create a final product that gives viewers the ability to experience the emotion behind the work. He says the contrasting styles of his paintings, watercolors and drawings are what define his art.

Eugén was born and raised in Sundsvall and said he was inspired from age five to become an artist by spending time with his artist grandfather in his studio, observing his techniques. Eugen started out focused mainly on nature then transitioned to portraiture after moving to Stockholm in 2007. He started dabbling in pop art a year later. His dramatic watercolors reflect his Nordic upbringing.  

“When I feel inspired, time ceases to exist and nothing else matters but what I am creating. I quite literally forget to eat and sleep,” he explained. “That is why I don’t allow the opinion of critics to sway me from pursuing my own personal style. I think my uniqueness born of those inspiration moments is a factor in the growing attention to my artwork,” explained Eugén. “If I tried to become a people pleaser, my work would become forced and fast lose their appeal. The world doesn’t need art with no heart.”

Eugén’s work can be found in many of Sweden’s largest auction houses and galleries as well as in restaurants, hotels and homes.

For more information, contact peter.eugen@creativearts.se or go to www.creativearts.se or Instagram. @petereugengallery

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