Premiere Martial Arts Gym Peak Performance MMA is Launching a Series of Free Jiu-jitsu classes every Friday to Members of Local Law Enforcement as Part of Its Efforts to Give Back to the Community

Published on May 10, 2019

Peak Performance MMA is also the best place where family members of the local law enforcement can come together and learn self-defense.

Keller, Texas – premiere martial arts gym Peak Performance MMA is launching a series of free jiu-jitsu classes every Friday to members of local law enforcement as part of its efforts to give back to the community.

Classes will begin every six in the evening, and the members of the local law enforcement can use this opportunity to enhance their combat skills, making them more adept in various situations in dealing with criminal elements in the city. 

Along with this, Peak Performance MMA is also the best place where family members of the local law enforcement can come together and learn self-defense.

Martial Arts for Kids

Peak Performance MMA does not only specialize in adult classes, as it has a list of services to develop not just the physical fitness of kids, but also their mental agility and emotional strength.

With Peak Performance MMA, children can expect to grow in many facets of life, such as learning discipline, knowing how to fend themselves against bullies, self-respect, and so much more.

As a result, children who go with their parents to learn martial arts will also learn to respect people, have the discipline to study well, and learn how to channel their energy into meaningful activities. 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Apart from learning how to fight and defend yourself, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is also a great way to get in shape. Stay fit by getting through a tough regimen or training program, and you will find one day how this can also make yourself feel more confident.

As you develop self-respect, you will also realize that you will be prepared to combat many challenges in your life. It is not only your physical condition that you will improve here, but also your ability to possess a higher sense of purpose, and mental dexterity to find solutions to the different problems that life has to offer.

Muay Thai and Fitness Kickboxing

Those who are looking forward to learning how to kick and strengthen their legs, plus reduce weight significantly can take part in the Muay Thai and Fitness Kickboxing classes. These classes are facilitated by experts who have years of extensive experience in these two disciplines of martial arts.

As you progress in your training, your body will become more flexible, and you will develop some serious level of stamina to help you become a lot more energized in your day to day life.

With Muay Thai and kickboxing, you will be able to fight anxiety and overcome stress. It will become your outlet for help you channel your energy into something that will benefit you, such as burning tons of excess calories, shaping, toning, and strengthening your muscles, and developing a flexible body as you age.

MMA for the Fighters

If you are determined to learn how to fight and be a combatant in the sport, Peak Performance MMA has MMA classes to offer where you can reach your full potential as a fighter

In this program, you will learn different combat techniques that will improve your fighting prowess in the ring, this program is reserved for individuals who want to push themselves to their limits, and become the best version of themselves.

Peak Performance MMA is located in 133 Sports Pkwy Suite H Keller, Texas 76244. The company welcomes participants of all ages, and more information can be found on the company’s website,

The company also has videos that can augment what you have learned in the classes, and you can continue your sessions at home should you decide to continue your workouts off the gym.

With the free services every Friday, local law enforcers can be a great source of encouragement for the community to learn the values and benefits of martial arts as a form of self-defense and self-care.

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Phone: 817-614-9325
Country: United States