Naomi Dongelmans, MD, Author of Reinvigorated Caregivers, Generously Offers a Free Copy of Her Book to Help Caregivers Provide a Happy Safe Environment When Working With Dementia Patients

Published on January 4, 2019

Naomi Dongelmans, MD, the author of Reinvigorated Caregivers: 7 Amazing Ways to Become Remarkable at Caring for People with Dementia, is generously offering a free copy of her latest book through her website for a limited time.

Naomi Dongelmans, MD has been recognized as a trusted consultant for nurses and caregivers for many years.  Now, she has condensed her knowledge and experience into her latest book, Reinvigorated Caregivers:  7 Amazing Ways to Become Remarkable At Caring for People With Dementia.  For a limited time, Dr. Dongelmans is offering a free copy of her book through her website.

Reinvigorated Caregivers is a step-by-step manual for caregivers of people with dementia.  Using the steps in the book, those who are caring for family or others who suffer from various forms of dementia can reach a more balanced, safer and happier life with these patients.  

The book offers practical advice to those who are dealing with patients whose minds are becoming less clear.  Rather than focusing on the negatives, Dr. Dongelmans encourages her readers to set their sights on goals that are attainable, measurable and satisfying.  By changing basic mindsets, caregivers can relieve a great deal of their own stress and become better at their tasks.

According to the author, “This book presents seven amazing ways to become remarkable at caring for people with dementia.  Translating the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Method into simple tools that anyone can use will help you open your heart, ease your caring duties, and create a better life for yourself and your loved one who is suffering from dementia.”

For a limited time, visitors to can receive a free copy of Reinvigorated Caregivers.  For more information, see the website.

About Naomi Dongelmans, MD:  Dr. Naomi Dongelmans is a general practitioner and has spent her career working with nurses and caregivers of patients with dementia.  Her latest book, Reinvigorated Caregivers, offers practical advice to all who must deal with loved ones whose minds are deteriorating.   

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