Nasira Jamal, Author of Heal Yourself from the Inside Out, Offers Free Copies of Her Book for a Limited Time

Published on May 28, 2018

Nasira Jamal, author of Heal Yourself from the Inside Out, is giving back by offering a free copy of her book through her website for a limited time.

Business and personal growth consultant Nasira Jamal is also the author of Heal Yourself from the Inside Out: 8 Strategies to Create Personal and Professional Abundance. For a limited time, Nasira is giving back by offering free copies of her book through her website. 

Nasira Jamal not only coaches clients on how to increase their company profits; she also offers advice in personal development as well as Theta, Star Magic, and Energy Medicine Healing. According to the author, “Heal Yourself from the Inside Out presents easy and effective strategies that will help you live your life with intention. You will learn to connect to the power within and experience abundance in all areas of your personal and professional life.”

Nasira offers creative consulting and coaching to clients who wish to improve their personal and professional lives through mindful living, which starts with the right attitude. Her book explores the link between positive thoughts, physical health, and soul alignment. By working toward the right mindset, Nasira helps her clients overcome all types of difficulties and obstacles. Her book explores the correlation between mental belief and physical outcomes and helps readers understand the thought processes that will allow them to live successful, productive, and fully enriched lives.

For a limited time, readers who visit Nasira’s website at can receive a free downloadable copy of Heal Yourself from the Inside Out, a $32 value. For more information, visit the author’s website.

About Nasira Jamal: Nasira Jamal is a productivity coach and business consultant who helps her clients achieve the most successful results. Her new book, Heal Yourself from the Inside Out, offers advice on how to achieve the right outlook for success in both business and personal endeavors.

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