Nattalia Estar Announces New Online Course for Spiritual Healing and Transformational Leadership

Published on October 6, 2016

Nattalia Estar's new online program offers a unique perspective on leadership that focuses on being a healing influence on others, bringing light, peace, love and guidance to people in need.

Author and teacher Nattalia Estar is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a transformational retreat facilitator who believes that “true leadership begins with the ability to listen to others, and respond to them from the wisdom of your heart, not the platitudes of Ego.”

Estar is on mission to help others learn how to heal themselves and bring healing to others through her course, “Creating Leadership Through the Path of Service,” a 6-week program offered exclusively through

Born in a little village nestled in the vast forests near Siberia, Russia, Nattalia Estar left home at the age of twenty with only a passport, hitchhiking on a truck to Moscow to pursue her dream as a singer. Yet just three years into her journey she faced the news of a devastating illness that forced her to leave her singing career and begin a new journey towards healing her condition.

“For several years I had struggled with a disease, feeling helpless and chronically depressed due to my predicament,” Estar said. “I was told by the allopathic medical system that there was no cure and my life was destined to medications and limitations.”

For seven years Estar struggled physically and emotionally, enduring countless traditional medical treatments. Nothing worked.

In desperation, Estar turned to holistic healing and was miraculously cured.

“I had turned to alternative healing methods and nutrition for answers,” Estar says. “This opened me up to a whole new belief system about what was possible. Now I know my purpose and mission in life is to give back and help others to heal.”

According to Estar, she not only connected with her healing, but she discovered a whole new world of deep inner spiritual transformation and connections to higher realms. Estar become a student of metaphysical and esoteric arts. She studied different healing modalities and earrned several certifications in alternative healing.

Today, Nattalia Estar is passionate about creating radical confidence and passionate living through her courses and events, as well as personal and group coaching programs. “In modern times, when physical or mental defects or chronic illnesses are considered a norm, it is most important to get back to Nature for healing of our physical, mental and spiritual conditions,” she says. “It is especially important in this time for us to learn the lessons of leadership. We must find ways to lead others to the Light according to the wisdom that Spirit gives us.”

Estar offers a free “mini healing course” by email for anyone who wants to develop mastery over their lives and experience spiritual growth through self-healing. To learn more, visit

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