New Book by Gina Yarrish Soars to the Top of Amazon’s Bestseller List

Published on October 5, 2016

"Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace; Discover the Leader Within You" provides insights into why some people feel overpowered by daily life and what they can do to overcome and prosper.

Gina Yarrish of South Gibson, Pennsylvania released the electronic version of her newest book which raced to the Number One Bestseller position in several categories on Amazon.

In her book, Yarrish discusses why overdone schedules, multi-tasking and being stretched too thin takes the joy from life and what people can do to design the life they want.

“At a young age, I had health problems and made the decision to stop letting life run me over. I was drained and emotionally spent.” Yarrish states, “I decided to start on a journey to find the joy in life which was missing. This lead me to write this book. ” Explains Yarrish.

In Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace Yarrish reveals easy-to-follow steps which allows individuals to learn to harness and design the lifestyle they wish to attract.
Yarrish adds, “I’m very excited at the response my book got and it’s fantastic to be at number one on Amazon, but what made this book even more special is that I am able to help people move from stress and overwhelm toward designing an amazing life they love.

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About Gina Yarrish

Gina Yarrish spent 30 years in real estate before finding her passion in teaching and coaching with horses. She offers a variety of development programs in life skills and leadership for youth, as well as personal and professional development for adults and organizations. Gina brings all her talents to her book to help you find your Purpose, Power and Peace.

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