Navy Veteran, Mompreneur, and Social Media Expert Trish Leto Reveals Secret Weapon for Maximizing Audience Engagement in 5 Minutes or Less

Published on April 23, 2019

Few businesses know how to properly use social media and content marketing for maximum impact, but the “Queen of Five Minutes Lives™” is turning that around.

According to social media statistics reported by Hootsuite, Facebook Live videos get six times more interactions than regular video content, and 1 out of 4 Facebook users have watched a live stream video in the last month. That means a staggering 580 million Facebook users a month are watching live video.

One expert believes that represents a significant untapped marketing opportunity.

“If you’re feeling kind of self-conscious or worried when you’re using live video to promote your business, just remember that there are on 12-year-old girls on YouTube making thousands of dollars a week curling their hair with a flat iron,” says Trish Leto, a live stream expert who teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to use live video to generate revenue.  

Leto, a Navy veteran and mother of two with over 18 years of mortgage experience, stumbled upon the secret of “selling without selling” from her father. “I watched my father do sales, and he never just sold; he would tell people a joke,” Leto recalls. “My father taught me to make the relationship before you make the sale.”

“Later, when I went online, I noticed that expert marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, or Amy Porterfield build relationships by telling stories,” Leto says. She learned to implement relationship-building and storytelling into her own business by reaching out to over 100 industry experts and interviewing them on Facebook live. “I got addicted to it.”

But according to Leto, most business owners make their social media and content marketing too complicated and boring. “Watching other people, I saw that they would do live video for half an hour or more. There would be no structure. There would be barely any audience engagement. There would be no real topic. They would forget to tell us who they were and there would be no calls to action,” Leto says. “And I’m thinking, what are you doing? What a colossal waste of time!”

Believing there must be a better way, Leto developed her “5 Minute Lives™” strategy to simplify live video sharing and focus on creating great value that people can digest in five minutes or less. “The fact of the matter is, I really don’t have more than five minutes of time to do a live video,” Leto says. “And quite frankly, people aren’t watching more than five minutes’ worth of video anyway.”

Leo has helped startups, nonprofits, and six-, seven-, and eight-figure companies to implement her 5 Minute Lives™ strategy. “If they can take this simple process and apply it to their business, it will exponentially help them increase revenue for less time in their day,” Leto promises. “It is a truly actionable, simple process.”

“Trish Leto is a genius marketer, intuitive instructor, life saver, and business saver,” according to client Daniel Rhames. “We have implemented Trish’s teachings and have already seen positive results!”

Leto’s signature speech, “How to Monetize Live Video Content,” has been highly recommended by audiences across the United States. “This is not another monotonous speech about concept,” Leto says. “It is a highly-interactive, hands-on presentation that will help attendees walk away with a clear understanding of how to transform their business by leveraging video content on multiple social media platforms.”

Trish Leto is a keynote speaker, social media strategist, and founder of 5 Minute Lives™ Academy, teaching simple yet effective strategies for increasing revenue with just five minutes of livestream video. A U.S. Navy veteran, Leto is a sought-after speaker who appeared at Vaynermedia’s Agent2021. She provides coaching, consulting, and training to several corporate and small business clients.

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