“Win Slow” – The Story of Change By Vale’ssa Winslow, Air Force Veteran, Author, Motivational Speaker, And Life Coach

Published on April 23, 2019

Behind Winslow's beauty, grace, and success, Ms. Winslow has a story to tell. She hopes to use this story as an inspiration to let it be known, once you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.

You may have heard of Vale’ssa Winslow perhaps through her two self-published, highly recommended books Rape the Silencer and Rape the Silencer Work the Book (2017), or perhaps you have seen the beautiful Winslow gracing the cover of the Oscar’s Edition magazine. Here is the rest of the story. Ordinary is not in her DNA!

About Vale’ssa Winslow

Winslow of San Antonio, Texas is a motivational speaker, life coach, and an Air Force veteran. She has written and published her first book entitled, “Rape the Silencer! Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now.” She also has shared how putting her pain to paper, changed her life in The Sacral Circle Podcast: “Healing Sexual Trauma Collectively & Lovingly.”

Winslow also has been featured on Ms. Entrepreneur Role Model Search Live program: “Rise Above,” highlighted as a powerful, passionate, and purposeful women in San Antonio. This mover and shaker also was the keynote speaker for the Bullying Symposium in San Antonio, Texas, and the 2nd Annual Women’s Conference in Plano, Texas. She has been chosen to serve as a judge for the Miss South Texas event 2018, official preliminary to Miss Texas and Miss America, Scholarship Competition.

Winslow believes that less fortunate young people also deserve the same resources and opportunities as those in more affluent parts of her city. Winslow teaches them that their voice matters; that they are not powerless, but powerful beyond measure. Her mantra is “Unleash your Greatness and Show Up.” She proudly has placed San Antonio on the map as being selected on the cover of Magic Image Hollywood Magazine Mar-Apr edition. “The Oscars 90 Years of Greatness.”

Winslow is the CEO and Founder of her nonprofit organization, Inspire 2b Transformed, LLC. She stays busy as an active member and supporter of other organizations, to include the National Association of Professional Women and has served on the Executive Board as the Chief Learning Officer for the Alamo Young Government Leaders, and the Black Women in Business Organization of San Antonio, Texas.

“WIN SLOW” is her motto, and ironically, her last name as well as she encourages her readers that “slow and steady wins the race.” In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now

Winslow’s book covers serious subjects that expose domestic and marital violence, mental cruelty and illness, childhood innocence, sexual abuse, predators, adolescent abuse, spiritual awareness, development, and leadership.” ~ Tracey Bond, Book Compilation/Consultant at Pullpenz.com for Author Valessa Winslow’s Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now.

Winslow was a victim of rape, violence, and domestic abuse. Her grandmother had become her “saving grace” after her mother who was also abused, by her stepfather, suffered severe mental illnesses as a result of the domestic abuse. Winslow still has more to share.

On Thanksgiving (2003) her husband committed suicide leaving his adolescent daughter (12yrs old) and twin sons (7yrs old) behind. With her back against the wall and no one in her circle to help her, Winslow knew she had to pull herself up from her own bootstraps and take charge of her life. “Let go of the wheel; it’s your time now” is what she heard distinctly in her head; followed by “you’ve done enough, time to let go.”

Rape The Silencer Work The Book: A Companion Book For Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now

Winslow’s “Work the Book” companion to her true story “Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now” is the follow-publication that leads the abuse survivor toward self-help mental, emotional and spiritual aftercare exercises critically urged by the author to put to paper, heal and share for identity and purpose transformation. Opening with a letter from the author, this creative “workbook” recommends its use individually, as a private guide or group study with others affected by all kinds of domestic violence.

Winslow adopted a healthy lifestyle change which included running, exercising, and writing. Facebook became her outlet in reaching, helping, and healing others through her story.  She currently is hosting, traveling from city to city providing workshops and seminars.

To stay in touch with Vale’ssa Winslow go to https://www.facebook.com/valessalwinslow.

If you are interested in hiring Ms. Winslow to speak at your next event, email her at vwspeaks@yahoo.com or call 210-236-2496.

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