Neil Howe Appears on Fuel Travel Podcast To Talk About Getting More Heads In Beds Using Authority Marketing

Published on March 28, 2019

The Trust Factor Radio host, Neil Howe, recently appeared on Fuel Travel Podcast in an interview about how hotels can develop a unique brand by using the power of media and storytelling.

Atlanta, GA. USA – – March 28th, 2019 Neil Howe, a 3 time best selling author and host of more than 300 authority interviews on shows such as The Trust Factor and Business Authority Radio discussed with the marketing agents behind Fuel Travel the best ways to use authority media in marketing to get more hotel bookings.

Howe hosted Fuel Travel’s SEO expert, Phil Foriska on his Trust Factor Radio podcast where Phil shared different ways to use SEO to drive more traffic to hotel websites. That conversation led to Howe being invited as a guest on the Fuel Travel Podcast to share his insights into how a hotel general manager can use the media and establish themselves as an authority in their market and drive more bookings.

Howe stated, “Most hotels don’t use the power of the media and authority to gain the attention of their target markets. Whether it is from local TV or national, media can drive a lot of attention to a hotel. In fact, many guests are very concerned about how eco-friendly a hotel is and how they are giving back to the community. Just those two topics alone allow a hotel manager or staff to share the story of the difference they are making and TV and radio stations are happy to help get that word out”

In the interview, Howe went on to discuss the different mediums a hotel could use to attract more attention. Most of these resources are not being utilized by hotels, so it gives the ones that do a way to stand out. Some of the many ideas discussed on the Fuel Travel show include Live videos, Podcasts, News Releases, Books and TV segments.

Howe insists that hotels should take a stance and be known for something that is unique to them or be known to support a particular cause. For instance, Neil and his family are full-time travelers with a service dog and it is good to know hotels that are well versed on the service animal laws and the expectations around the treatment and acceptance of them. Howe says from experience, “Many of the hotel staff and management who aren’t familiar with the laws can violate a person’s federal rights and could easily find themselves in a lawsuit.”

Sharing the stance that hotel staff are familiar and compliant with federal service animal laws makes a good news piece and can attract the support of those with service animals and their families.

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Neil Howe is a best selling author and writer for Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters. He has been featured on News sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. Neil helps professionals, service providers, and business owners establish an authority position and brand in their market.

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