No Glass Ceiling Founder Kelly Fidel Redefines Entrepreneurship For Women

Published on June 19, 2014

Kelly Fidel, founder of No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference, was featured on Influencers Radio discussing how women entrepreneurs can use their intrinsic skills and strengths to break through perceived barriers and achieve true success.

No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference founder, Kelly Fidel, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing the strategies she uses to help women achieve success and own their value.

During the interview, Fidel discusses how women, by nature, have the skills they need to be successful in business.

Arianna Huffington echoed Fidel’s contention in a recent INC. Magazine interview when she said, “Entrepreneurship should be redefined to emphasize flexibility, team building, and collaboration. Those are things women are very good at.”

Fidel explains that women are excellent at tapping into markets where they are looking for someone that can move quickly and be decisive. “Those businesses are really demanding and they are looking for a thought partner that can take their business to a whole other level. And because business changes at the speed of light, it moves at the speed of business, being able to multi-task, be multi-functional and have that team building, that collaboration and that flexibility is what women thrive to do and be and live in that space.”

According to Fidel, in the corporate world, men don’t care if the employee is a man or a woman as long as they can get the job done. She feels that women have a perceived glass ceiling that needs to be shattered. Further, the glass ceiling does not exist; rather, it’s a perceived barrier.

Many women feel that when they start a new venture, they are starting over in every way, including their past experiences and talents. “They have all this experience. And all of a sudden, they start a new venture and they say, okay, this is a new venture. I’m going to completely torch, burn, forget any of my previous experience or area of brilliance. And I’m going to pretend I have no magic. I’m going to start completely over,” states Fidel.

Fidel implements two strategies with her clients, as she helps them implement change in their lives. The first piece is shifting mindset – owning the value and understanding why the pricing and results need to be a certain way.

The second strategy is a simple, five-step sales cycle that occurs. Fidel doesn’t follow old school selling or long sales cycles. She believes in landing large business, large deals, in a short rapid period of time. This involves asking the right questions that create curiosity and engagement in just a few seconds to get your figurative foot in the door and get the deal done.

Fidel helps women realize the life they want to live with the programs and strategies she shares in the No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference, an intense, information-packed event held annually.

No Glass Ceiling is a mission that Kelly Fidel has of helping a million women make just one change in their personal or business life. This will cause a ripple effect, impacting millions around the world. This conference and program is her way of giving back and making a change in people’s lives.

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