Jazz Guitar Legend Chuck Anderson Mentors The Next Generation Of Jazz Guitarists Worldwide

Published on June 19, 2014

Chuck Anderson performs, teaches, mentors and lectures on jazz guitar and jazz technique in the United States and abroad.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—Chuck Anderson started playing rock-and-roll guitar music at age 14, but by age 16 he was searching for something new and soon found and fell in love with jazz guitar. A chance meeting with jazz guitarist John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery at age 16 changed the whole path of Anderson’s life and launched his music career.

“Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery appeared at Pep’s on Broad Street in Philadelphia when I was just 16. After some ‘negotiations’, my father got the two of us in to hear him. Wes came up to our table, introduced himself and sat down. He asked if I had any questions (which I did). I asked how he played octaves. He went back to the stage, got his Gibson L5 guitar and brought it over. Putting it in my hands, he showed me how he played octaves. So I learned to play octaves directly from Wes Montgomery. I still have his picture and autograph in my studio. I also play a Gibson L5 in concert,” Anderson says.

Anderson studied jazz guitar and jazz techniques extensively and began his career as a staff guitarist for the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at the age of 21. There he performed with music legends such as Peggy Lee, Billy Eckstine, Bobby Darin, Nancy Wilson, Michel Le Grande and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Later, he founded a jazz group called the Chuck Anderson Trio with bassist Al Stauffer and drummer Ray Deeley and recorded the jazz LP “Mirror Within a Mirror” in 1974. He’s been performing and composing ever since. A prolific author, Chuck has also written and published fifteen books on the intricacies of learning to play jazz guitar and the importance of music and creativity.

One of Anderson’s featured ebooks on jazz guitar is called “The Six Secrets of Fingering”. It tackles a subtle and difficult technical problem of the guitar—so much that it is almost an invisible issue for many guitarists. The book focuses on both the art and the science of fingering.

Arthur Bernstein, Head of Music The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts says,
“Chuck has an almost singular ability amongst contemporary music educators to balance the relevant academic knowledge with his broad based background as a performer and composer, hands-on practical and business experience.”

Anderson performs, teaches, mentors and lectures on jazz guitar and jazz technique in the United States and abroad. He offers private lessons in suburban Philadelphia, Skype lessons and a new online jazz guitar studies program for those who live too far away to study with him in person.

“When I was 22, I wrote my first book: ‘Music: Pursuing the Horizon’,” says Anderson, “That book outlines my philosophy about the role of creativity and music in our lives. It sets the stage for all of the mentoring and teaching that I do today, not only to pass on the skills and techniques of jazz guitar, but also because music is a cornerstone of our lives. I have students that I’ve mentored for over 40 years!”

Fred Sturm from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York says, “In his book, ‘Music: Pursuing the Horizon,’ Chuck Anderson gives valuable advice on a wide variety of music related topics such as talent, setting goals and progress to name a few. Though these topics are not typically studied in most music curriculum, they should be and they are done effectively in Chuck’s book. I highly recommend ‘Music: Pursuing the Horizon’ to music students everywhere.”

For more information about Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Master Teacher Chuck Anderson, please visit his website at: www.ChuckAndersonJazzGuitar.com.

For more information please visit http://www.HowtoLearnJazzGuitar.com

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