Northern Virginia Businessman William P. Davey Signed by Powerhouse Publishing To Author Book on Referral Marketing

Published on February 8, 2016

After three years of negotiation, William Davey’s first book, “The Referral Factory for Contractors and Remodelers, How To Double Your Sales Without Spending Another Dime On Marketing” is slated for September 2016 publication.

Business publisher Frank Felker has bagged an author he has been pursuing for years. “William Davey’s powerful approach to referral marketing has fascinated me since I first observed him applying it in 2006,” recalls Felker. “I knew his system could help thousands of business owners if I could just get him to put pen to paper and explain how he works his magic.”

Unlike most home improvement and remodeling companies, Davey’s firm, Fred’s Best Windows, Doors, Siding and Roofing does virtually no advertising and generates the vast majority of its million-dollar-plus revenue via referrals from past clients, real estate agents, networking groups and a finely-curated group of referral partners.

The two most important elements of Davey’s approach are: 1) Teaching his referral sources exactly how and to whom to refer him and; 2) Ensuring his firm is “referable.”

“Referral Marketing at the level we have achieved is not something that happens by accident,” states Davey. “You must proactively engage with clients and referral partners and show them how they can help. The most important element is the provision of exceptional customer service. Without that, people won’t feel comfortable referring others to you. Our exceedingly high focus on customer experience makes it easy for people to refer us and has even created a few evangelists who go out of their way to make sure prospective customers know about us and give us the opportunity to meet with them about their remodeling projects.”

“This is a book I have wanted to publish for a long time and now it’s finally going to happen,” publisher Felker stated. “Powerhouse Publishing is very excited to add William Davey to our stable of accomplished business authors.”

“William Davey is one of the best Referral Marketing people I have ever met,” stated Gale Paige of Complete Professional Connections. “William is systematic and consistent in not only asking for referrals, but in giving quality referrals to others. He takes his referral marketing as seriously as he takes his business. He plans his work and works his plan.”

“William’s approach will work for any business owner or sales professional in any industry but we are targeting his first title at the vertical he currently inhabits: contracting and remodeling,” stated Felker of Powerhouse Publishing. “Plans are in place to roll-out Referral Factory titles supporting additional industries in the coming years.”

In advance of the book’s upcoming publication, William will be presenting Referral Factory seminars and workshops at regional and and national remodeling industry events.

“Teaching and helping others succeed are great passions of mine,” stated Davey. “But I had never seriously considered writing a book because I just couldn’t see how to fit it into my busy schedule. Powerhouse Publishing has gone out of their way to make it easy for me to capture my thoughts in writing and organize my methodology in a form that anyone can follow and successfully emulate. I never would have signed this agreement otherwise.”

Publication is currently slated for September 2016 with eBook, paperback and hardcover formats to be published sequentially. A complete online course curriculum teaching William’s methods is also under consideration.


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