Pallavi Kumar San Francisco Bay Health Coach Named Co­author of Silver Linings Storybook

Published on February 29, 2016

Local entrepreneur and health coach Pallavi Kumar has been chosen from candidates from around the world to contribute a personal story to Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life.

Silver Linings Storybook is the first volume of a new happiness and personal development book series, where each chapter is contributed by one author. Kumar’s own story focuses on one person’s connection to emotional, mental and physical strength; her chapter is inspired by her own story and through the lessons she’s learned from working with her health coaching clients.

Kumar says “People just need the right motivation to overcome their challenges. My story is written from my own journey of a creative life, career choices and health challenges. I realized with time that a person’s willpower can move mountains, and I hope to inspire others with this message! Silver Linings Storybook is the perfect platform to talk about this and I am excited to share my story.”

She focuses on helping individual clients and families wanting to make a lifestyle change “How I help my clients is I pick up the loose strings in their lives, and try to tie them together so we can work on their motivations and health concerns in a better way. I take into account their history, lifestyle choices, behavioral patterns, stressors and design a plan best suited and tailor­ made for them.”

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative was an inspiration to Kumar and research supports her passion and business focus: the number of overweight or obese infants and young children in America rose by nearly twenty-five percent, over twenty-five years ending 2013, according to the WHO.

“I believe education starts at the grassroots and if kids understand why they need to eat healthy, we will see a decline in obesity and health problems later in life. Kids need to be motivated to make a change themselves and want to get fit without an adult pushing them to eat a certain way or exercise” states Kumar.

She was also motivated to focus her professional practice on this group of people, after hearing Jamie Oliver say “The public health of five million children should not be left to luck or chance.”

Kumar is currently hosting a series of bootcamps and workshops across the Bay Area focusing on child nutrition, adult nutrition and exercise. Her signature workshop for kids ages 6­-10 yrs old, called “Food Is Fun: ­A Healthy Eating Workshop For Kids”, begins in March and will travel across the city. This workshop will motivate kids to make well informed, healthy choices.

“I learned to understand why I was eating the way I was, how I could make lasting changes, and most importantly, the psychology and the important relationship of stress triggers related to gaining or losing weight. She taught me more than just healthy eating! She taps into my motivations and inspires me every time so I make lifelong changes. Even my kids eat much healthier now” says Shveta Ramchandani, a busy mom of two who needed to place a priority on her health and fitness needs.

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