Pivonka Health & Wellness Represented At Pain Week 2019 in Las Vegas Offering A Way Out Of Pain Without Opioids

Published on October 29, 2019

With the opiate crisis affecting so many people, Pivonka Health & Wellness, a leading pain management clinic in Gilbert, Arizona, has invested increasing time and resources into developing alternative treatments for patients and recently sent their in-house Physician’s Assistant and Medical Assistant to Pain Week 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2017, Pivonka Health & Wellness decided to expand its services to provide better care to patients. Formerly focused only on chiropractic care, they are now offering a full range of treatment options for their patients. This includes chiropractic care, physical rehab, as well as pain management. Pain is the main reason that patients seek medical care, and pain management is essential for providing them with the best quality of life possible. 

“For patients suffering from headaches, we have discovered that trigger point therapy and occipital blocks are an effective and minimally invasive procedure that can provide them with the relief that they need without having to resort to the use of opioids, which have the potential for abuse and addiction”, said Jillian Trulson, PA with Pivonka Health.

Her statement is echoed by Dr. Nina Riggins M.D, who represents the American Headache Society. In a recent lecture, she explained how trigger point therapy and occipital blocks are ideal front-line treatments for headaches and chronic pain.

“Patients today need options.  They need a way to manage their chronic pain without having to resort to opioids.  We strongly believe that there are better alternatives, and we work with patients on an individual basis to find the best treatment plan for them.  From chiropractic care to physical rehab, and trigger point therapy, we help patients to get the relief that they need.  When a patient comes to us, we work tirelessly to show them that they don’t have to live with pain, and they don’t have to turn to opioids to get relief.”

This statement by Amber Jones, the medical assistant at Pivonka Health, further underscores their commitment to patient care.  It also shows that they are a responsible healthcare provider that understands how opioids should only be used on a limited basis, and only when absolutely necessary. Pivonka Health takes a 360-degree approach to wellness; focusing on the source of pain instead of masking it with medicine.

The opioid crisis was brought about by doctors behaving irresponsibly.  Doctors may have had the best of intentions, but many went about treating their patients the wrong way.  Rather than finding the root source of their patient’s pain, they took the easy route and wrote a prescription.  Unfortunately, opioids are very addicting, and many patients who sought medical care to manage their pain ended up suffering from long-term addiction issues.

The opioid crisis is aptly named given the scope to which it has affected the lives of so many.  In 2017 it is estimated that nearly 73,000 Americans died as a result of opioid drug overdoses.  The victims who lost their lives weren’t the only ones to suffer, their friends, families, and professional colleagues have to deal with the loss of someone close to them.  The opioid crisis has become so profound that Narcan is not only routinely carried by paramedics, it’s often offered over the counter in many states.  For those not familiar with it, Narcan is a medication that helps to quickly counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose.  The fact that such medication is now available over the counter in many states serves as a stark indicator of just how serious the opioid crisis has become.

“People who don’t suffer from chronic headaches or from migraines don’t understand just how debilitating they are.  They have a major negative impact on the quality of life of a patient, can force them to miss work, and can also impact their social life.  Here at Pivonka Health & Wellness, we understand how patients with headaches suffer.  We offer a path out.  A way to live free from pain.  I firmly believe that our unique approach to pain management and headache relief is the best option for our patients”, explained Jillian, PA-C.

Both Jillian and Amber recently attended Pain Week in Las Vegas in September 2019.  Pain Week is a conference for medical professionals where lectures are given, ideas exchanged, and new treatment options are highlighted.  It’s an environment that fosters learning and advancement, which is why Pivonka Health & Wellness sent its two newest members to attend.

Pivonka Health & Wellness is helping patients who suffer from chronic pain, and they are helping to lead the charge in finding alternative treatments that don’t involve the use of opioids.  Their medical duo, Jillian PA-C and Amber MA, have the experience, training, and certifications necessary to help patients, and the knowledge to see that there are safe and effective treatment options that don’t involve the use of opioids.

To learn more about the pain management and treatments offered by Pivonka Health & Wellness, visit http://PivonkaHealth.com or call 480-892-0022.



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