Poppir Brings Sharing Economy To Struggling Commercial Real Estate Market

Published on June 2, 2016

Online short-term rental marketplace launches June 1 with beta release of platform

Poppir, the Washington, DC-based firm providing a centralized marketplace for underutilized commercial real estate, has announced the beta launch of its online platform.

Poppir connects emerging and established companies to under-utilized and vacant commercial properties through a single centralized online marketplace. The flexibility of these low-risk, short-term commercial rentals creates unique promotional opportunities for business owners as well as extraordinary revenue potential for property owners.

In the District of Columbia alone, commercial space is currently experiencing a 14% vacancy rate, costing landlords over $90 million annually. By listing their space on Poppir these same owners could potentially recoup all of their losses – and even significantly improve their positive cash flow – through a series of short-term rentals rather than a single long-term lease.

For example, a vacant or under-utilized 1,000-square-foot property asking $3,500 per month on a long-term lease could generate between $4,687 and $23,438 using the Poppir business model, depending upon the length and frequency of short-term rentals generated during that month.

For business owners, such as retail and restaurant startups, artists and crafters, consultants, instructors and personal fitness trainers – and myriad other firms and solopreneurs – short-term leases are a low-risk way to test new markets, promote an online business, and meet customers face-to-face.

Poppir is especially interested in helping online shop owners plan and execute physical pop-up shops as part of the estimated $51 billion pop-up industry.

Recognizing a void in the short-term commercial rental market, Moh Ducis and Derek Nickerson co-founded Poppir in September 2015, and with their team have since developed web and mobile platforms that connect brands and business owners to property listings and pop-up spaces. With today’s beta launch, users across the United States can quickly access Poppir’s growing real-time database of rental options.

“Understanding millennial behavior and the sharing economy, it was clear to us that there had to be a better way for businesses to promote themselves in the physical world without the heavy commitment of a long-term lease,” explains co-founder Derek Nickerson.

“We quickly realized that many creative people can benefit from Poppir’s unique listings and dynamic pricing structure,” adds co-founder Moh Ducis.

As a result of Poppir’s June 1 launch, Nickerson expects an increase in inquiries regarding space within DC and other cities. “After our launch, we expect an influx of online store owners from Etsy to Shopify are going to drive Poppir’s marketing buzz through their bookings on Poppir,” explains Nickerson. “This will help to establish our brand and direct our focus to more cities.”

Since its founding, Poppir’s team has grown to include 12 individuals, all working on sweat equity. The diverse team includes a chief marketing officer, chief operating officer, chief technology officer, vice president of sales, three senior software engineers, two sales experts and two creative experts.


Poppir is committed to connecting emerging and established companies to short-term commercial rental space. With a steadily growing inventory of diverse properties, Poppir strives to be the premier centralized marketplace for under-utilized real estate. Through unwavering commitment to accessibility, Poppir makes properties that once felt unattainable a reality for business owners, big and small. To start your own pop-up experience, please visit us online at poppir.com.

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