Youth Entrepreneur, Layne Saunders, Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio About His New Business.

Published on June 1, 2016

Business Innovators Magazine covers stories from the most innovative leaders in business such as Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Dave Ramsey. The interview with Layne Saunders was published on June 1, 2016.

In this short interview you will learn how this 12-year old entrepreneur started a business scooping dog poop for dog owners in his neighborhood to earn extra money for a large purchase that he wanted to make.
He has a love of tools and woodworking and, in fact, most of his room is a workstation with racks of tools and projects in process. He found plans online on how to make a homemade lathe and worked on it for 3 months with his Grandfather, from an assortment of parts and an old drill. Projects like this keep him busy with creative and fun ways to build things he likes.

This business was inspired by his desire to earn money for a workbench for his woodworking projects in his room. The one he currently has is plastic and as Layne said, “it has a big crack running down the middle of it.” Since he is so young, he does not have the money to buy the workbench so he decided to earn the money by starting this business.

After researching the industry, he found that there are other companies in the area that offer this service, but their fees are high. Since he is so young with very low overhead, he feels that he is able to set his service at a low price-point to not only help his clients save money and eliminate a dirty job, but also to help him earn money for the workbench by the end of the Summer.

Layne gives this advice to other aspiring young entrepreneurs: “lay out a plan for your business and follow that plan!” As his Dad, who is a marketing consultant said: “this is the same great advice I give to my clients!”

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Company Name: Marketing Huddle, LLC
Contact Person: Mike Saunders, MBA
Phone: 1-888-467-6374
Country: United States