Priscilla Skare hits Amazon Best Seller List with new book, “A Different Kind of Brave”

Published on September 16, 2019

Priscilla Skare’s recent release, “A Different Kind of Brave” hit’s best seller list on July 31, 2019, in the Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Alcoholism Recovery categories.

Anyone who has felt trapped, alone and hopeless while living with someone else’s addiction will find hope and courage in “A Different Kind of Brave”. Author Priscilla Skare shares her emotions and experiences coping with her husband’s alcohol addiction, and tells it like it is. She encourages readers to be brave, and to take time for themselves. She recommends shifting the focus off the addict, and breaking the pattern of the need to control and enable.

Key takeaways from Skare’s book include:

  • There’s always hope
  • It’s not your fault
  • You can’t control it
  • Keep the faith
  • You can only control how you choose to handle it
  • Look for the positive in each day

When asked why she wrote the book, Skare stated, “I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of a way to help people like me… people that have gone through or are going through difficult times in their lives where someone else’s addiction has taken over.” A Different Kind of Brave is available on Amazon:

Priscilla Skare was adopted as an infant and raised in the Midwest. She married her high school sweetheart and eventually moved to the coast of North Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Management and Organizational Development. She worked in human resources, and co-founded a 501c3 Golden Retriever Rescue, saving 300 dogs over 10 years. After 17 years in North Carolina, she and her husband, and their animals, made their way to coastal Southern Florida, where she still resides. Priscilla loves spending time outside; she enjoys playing with her dogs, and exploring new opportunities for fun and excitement. She has a passion for sharing what she has experienced and learned with others, in the hopes that they too will find a way out of their toxic relationships at the right time, leading to a life of newfound freedom and hope.

Skare’s recent book, “A Different Kind of Brave” is available on Amazon at:

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