Shay Levister, “Your Love Diva” Was Recently Interviewed By Dr. Nelson Bulmash On The United Intentions TV Show Health Matters About, “Love Manifested”

Published on September 16, 2019

Dr. Nelson Bulmash, Host of Health Matters (UI Media) along with Shay “Your Love Diva,” talks about “LOVE MANIFESTED.” This interview trails on the launch of her #1 best selling book entitled "A Single DIVA’s Guide to The Science of Attracting Love"

During the interview with Dr. Nelson Bulmash, host of Health Matters (UI Media), Shay “ Your Love Diva” speaks on what drove her to become a Certified Love Coach and how she can help others overcome their past in order to manifest TRUE LOVE, the way God intended. Using her unique NLP system along with her background in Biology, helps her to narrow the thought processes that individuals were having down to literally a science. The science of chemical balances and ones’ subconscious.

Shay Levister is not just a coach but a certified dating & relationship coach and NLP, RTT practitioner. What this means is that Shay was trained and has studied a method that will help you achieve lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. She is also trained in hypnotherapy, which will amplify results in her clients. All humans make over 80% of their decisions from their subconscious mind. This is the reason why you may find yourself choosing the same type of person with a different face. If you want to change in your life, you must change the programming in your mind. Once you are able to do this, nothing is impossible! Hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive mind techniques help to accomplish this.

Levister has published magazine articles and has been a guest on radio and television shows. She has spoken around the world and has coached several celebrity clients and helped them attract love.

As a #1 best-selling author on Amazon for her book, The Science of Attracting Love, Shay ‘Your Love Diva’ Levister shares her journey and the lessons she has learned with you and gives advice mixed with old school rules, the science of human behavior, and the Law of Attraction to help empower singles seeking true love, while navigating the dating scene.

“The Science of Attracting Love” is the first dating advice book to provide the science behind the advice while presenting it from a positive-energy point of view. The world of singles needs a metaphysical dating guide that helps single women attract healthy relationships while guiding them to avoid pitfalls. The book is also followed up by her Mobile App: Cup of Love – This companion application was created to help people seeking love and a better quality of life to stay in the power of attracting what they desire. This free application provides the user with daily affirmations that assist with the attraction process.

In this interview with Dr. Nelson Bulmash, Levister spoke about the promise that she made to her daughter to break the family cycle of abuse and loveless relationships. In her quest to do so, she talked about the vast number of singles and couples that she interviewed to get a clearer understanding of how the two sexes think.

Levister offers to those who are looking to change the way they date; the DIVA School of Love. This is a step by step course designed to heal yourself from within, help you identify the type of support system you have surrounding you. This course will also walk you through the dating process enabling you to find the Love you deserve. Dr. Bulmash and Shay Levister “Your Love Diva” also talked about the absolute do’s and don’ts when a woman enters the dating world with men, hoping to find her ideal counterpart.

Dr. Bulmash praised the book, “ I wish I would have had this book in not only my twenties but even my thirties” suggesting not only targeting women for attracting love but that men would also benefit from the books unblurred content, Helping refrain what it is to be a strong, powerful professional man in a world of strong professional women. A great mix of old school and new school blended ideas on how women and men should be.

Dr. Bulmash wrapped up the interview by pointing out the value of Shay’s Better Coaching, benefiting business owners, and major corporations.

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