Public Speaker, Philosopher, Author, International Best-Seller Jay Hollingshed is now the Mental Performance Coach for Mintonette Sports in Columbus, Ohio

Published on May 6, 2018

Jay Hollingshed, a renowned mental performance, life, executive coach, and public speaker, is now the Mental Performance Coach for the top-ranked Columbus Ohio based volleyball club Mintonette Sports. A cultivator of positive mentalities, Jay has the track record of working successfully with athletes, entertainers, students, and community leaders.

Coach, speaker, and former Huffington Post Contributor Jay Hollingshed is now making a life-changing impact in the lives of athletes as a Mental Performance Coach.  Mintonette Sports, a licensed member of the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball, JVA and AAU, has recently roped in Jay as their Mental Performance Coach. Prior to this assignment, Jay has acquired a wealth of experience in helping athletes, achieve their best possible performance through teaching visualization, positive self-talk, motivation, goal setting, confidence, focus, and concentration.

Jay’s methodology of working as a coach involves teaching clients to establish healthy relationships with their potential and to seek validation from within themselves, rather than external validation from others.  He has developed mental performance curriculums that allow individuals to fall in love with their potential. Jay believes that 80% to 90% of any performance is mental and that you are never physically prepared if you are not mentally ready.  Jay offers individualized, and or group coaching, workshop facilitation, and public speaking for athletes and athletic organizations, students and educational organizations, entertainers and performers, and employees and employers.

Jay has spent eight successful years with the United Way of the Mid-South, volunteering, speaking and facilitating training.  During this stint, he engaged executives of Fortune 100 and 500 corporations and local government leaders to support the philanthropic efforts of United Way.  Jay’s fifteen-year tenure as a Memphis fire-fighter was instrumental in developing his critical thinking and passion for helping others. While there, he became a trained peer counselor working alongside psychologists/psychiatrists assisting in critical incident stress debriefings (CISD) that were held after traumatic fire and medical incidents.  Jay even received the coveted life-saving Medal of Honor for his actions off duty.

Jay has received Public Speaking training through Dale Carnegie Institute.  He is also a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, and speaker. Jay received Sport Psychology Coach training through Spencer Institute.  He has completed a B.S. in Management & Organizational Development, an M.S. in Healthcare Administration/Medical Practice Management, and is now completing a Doctorate in Sport & Performance Psychology.

Jay has been featured several times on Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS, and a host of digital media, podcasts, and radio shows.  In his spare time, Jay loves cooking, reading, spending time with his family, and volunteering through his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

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About Jay Hollingshed: Jay Hollingshed is the owner of jayHOLLiNGSHED® LLC where he cultivates positive mentalities, introduce others to their potential and helps foster that relationship to maturity.  He offers coaching, public speaking, and workshop facilitation for groups or individuals. Jay helps decision makers become leaders by coaching & teaching them life from the perspective of ownership versus tolerance.  The foundation of Jay’s success is being a blessing through Love.

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