Radio Show Reveals Software Businesses Use to Skyrocket Sales, By Growing 5-Star Reviews on Autopilot In A Consumer Opinion-Driven World

Published on February 3, 2016

Mark Imperial is a marketing strategist and voice for some of the world’s most loved brands who revealed on Chicago radio how businesses use software to turn customer feedback into sales-boosting 5-star online reviews, all automatically.

CHICAGO, IL – Mark Imperial is an internationally recognized marketing strategist who helps businesses increase topline revenues and bottom-line profits through growing 5-Star reviews online in today’s consumer opinion-driven economy. In a recent interview, Imperial revealed his newly-released software called “Reputation Control Dashboard” that has been proven over 2 years to get businesses more sales by automatically growing their 5-star online reviews, which attracts new customers better than many other forms of marketing.

“According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, a one-star online rating decrease can reduce revenues by 10% or more” said Imperial “so it means real money for businesses to stay on top of their online reputation.”

“These online reviews really are referrals and recommendations from your customers and clients to not just a friend, but to the whole world.” Imperial went on to add “If we examine our own behavior, it is our nature to search Google reviews for any service or product we are considering investing in, not just movies and restaurants. Reputation Control Dashboard essentially performs as the ultimate word-of-mouth, referral, and recommendation engine for your business.”

Imperial’s mission has always been focused on finding only the strategies and tactics that have been proven to grow sales, then creating systems for his clients to apply them automatically for predictable results. His agency, Imperial Action, provides businesses with only proven and accountable tools that grow revenues and bottom-line profits measurably.

“Besides the Harvard Business Review research report, I’ve seen firsthand the growth in sales and customers that my clients have gained by getting better online reviews.” Imperial stated. “To be able to help business owners grow their 5-star reviews automatically using our proven, easy-to-use, automated software is rewarding, and to hear their excitement when they get a new customer because of their online reputation is incredibly humbling!”

Too many businesses leave their reputation to chance, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Imperial is on a crusade to show business owners nationwide how they can finally have control over their online reputation using a simple-to-use, robust, multi-function automated software.

“Most businesses ask their customers to ‘review’ them online, when the best thing to do is simply ‘thank’ their customer and ask how they enjoyed their experience.” Imperial added “Our smart-routing technology automatically guides a happy buyer to an online review site of choice, while an unhappy buyer is guided to a private, your-eyes-only comment box, allowing them to ‘vent’. The business owner gets immediate text and email notifications of all feedback so they can respond appropriately. This way, they can see the positive reviews coming in, and respond to less-than-happy customers instantly so they have a second chance at turning them into a raving fan that will leave a 5-star review and give referrals and recommendations. The key focus is customer satisfaction, not just reviews.”

Because the software requires zero technical ability, even if a business owner can barely turn on a computer, they can use this platform to perform a variety of business-growth functions:

– To attract and convert sales faster through the social proof of positive online referrals and recommendations

– To grow a positive image and brand message online in today’s consumer opinion-driven world

– To assure customer/client/patient satisfaction

– To automatically turn positive customer feedback into 5-Star online reviews

– To intercept and correct unhappy customer experiences, and turn them into happy fans that will give referrals and recommendations

Imperial has been offering only proven, measurable tools to his clients for over 10 years, and they rave about the results and his no-nonsense approach.

“As a business entrepreneur I am always working on marketing skills and activities that help us grow our company and at the same time help us build our company branding and image to be unique and one of a kind. This is exactly what Mark Imperial has helped us with. Truly a very valuable partner to have on your team to help you grow and distance yourself from your competition.” – David Petry, Houston Texas

“Thank you for your honesty! …works unbelievably well!!! I am utilizing everything…and the difference is immediate. I have already made back my investment…and more!!” – Christopher Evans, Pennsylvania

“Mark Imperial is a class act! He’s organized, professional, and a gem to work with. His process is seamless and I can’t wait to see how the new marketing strategies he created for us impact our bottom line. If you want to grow your business and stand out in a sea of sameness, I highly recommend consulting with Mark.” – Fritz Marcia, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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