Veenu Keller Again Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with Transformational New Book

Published on February 2, 2016

Veenu Keller, inspirational speaker and preventionist, tops best seller lists with her new book, NUMB. This book brings together the stories of six women while they take you on a journey of their trials, tribulations and victories overcoming self-harm.

The new book hit best-seller lists on within 24 hours of release.  It was ranked #1 in Kindle “Compulsive Behavior” category, as well as #1 in Kindle “Mental Health: Behavior” and #2 in Kindle “Parenting & Relationships” category.

NUMB follows Keller’s first best-selling book BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid,  Volume 1 which was released last August. With over 17 years experience consulting young adults, Keller shares an insightful and unique perspective when it comes to issues such as bullying and self-harm.

“Issues that are too uncomfortable, ugly or not ‘polite conversation’ are where the monsters are.” says Strategic Expert, Joe Williams. “With the courage and heart of this book, [Keller] will have a profound healing effect on ones suffering from Self-Harm.”

NUMB brings together the stories of six women while they take you on a journey of their trials, tribulations and victories overcoming self-harm. Keller’s story is included with five others, including: Rachel Bell, Melany Austad, Ana Diaz-Oballos, Alexis Kramer and Tisha Roeman.

Keller regularly talks to students, parents and teachers about the roots of self-harm and the power of self-worth. Through her engaging presentations, she shows that everyone has a choice and that self-harm, like bullying and suicide, is preventable. “Once you can find the way to love yourself” Keller writes, “to find that self-worth and realize that your path to happiness lies inside of you and not from anything other people say or do, that’s when you can become the person you’re meant to be.”

Keller is available for book signings, as well as speaking engagements on the topic of self-harm.

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