Regina Gale, Poet And Professional Speaker, Reaches Amazon Best Seller List With Her First Book “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes”

Published on September 9, 2016

Regina Gale, author, poet, speaker and seasoned woman recently achieved Best Seller Status in multiple categories on Amazon with the debut of her first book, “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes: Song and Dance of Life, A Memoir”.

Regina Gale’s book reached #1 best seller status on Kindle in the Contemporary Poetry category and ranked #3 in African American poetry. It also hit #1 on two hot new releases lists and ranked #9 in books in the African American Poetry category.

Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes is a memoir that shares the “song and dance” of life for a woman. It is about relationships and what happens with and inside them over time, in a very candid way.

The heart of a woman touches everyone around her and a woman’s heart needs to be whole. When family is good everything is fine in the heart of a woman. When blessed with pure friendships, that is icing on the cake for everyone. When desire, lust and love enter the picture, life often gets complicated. At that point relationships change. Some of the changes lead to break-ups and moving on. Then they reach that “back to me” point of rediscovery, the life journey coming full circle.

“My love affair with words that express the lives that we live and the people that we love happened by chance. Having always been considered a sound but passionate writer who could capture the essence of a moment in a personal way, I thought it was because I only wrote about people and things that touched my heart space. It was personal because it came from the heart,” Gale shares.

Then one evening in 2013, Regina Gale took pen in hand as if making an entry in a journal that was no longer kept and was confronted with the reality that things had not been going well at home. It did not feel like the warm loving place it used to be; it was filled with growing friction, with no sense of harmony.

“I thought of my parents, my childhood, and the love my parents gave me and my siblings. Those were and still are happy thoughts. The love that started in the home gave me strength…when I was small, and even now,” Gale explains. At that moment of reflection, Regina Gale became inspired about the special relationship with her mother. Still holding on to the love of her mother and all that she instilled, Regina Gale began writing the poem, “My Mother Prayed for Me.” That was the beginning of Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes. It was created and inspired in the essence and the core of love.

With this book of poems, prose and short stories, Regina Gale wants to open up conversations to matters that are important but often are not discussed. It is not easy to be vulnerable. Nor is it simple to discuss topics that have hurt so deeply or caused so much embarrassment or fear, or even worse risk having feelings ignored by people who are supposed to love you.

Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes is raw and candid. It is extremely personal, full of emotion and real life. It is the heart and soul of a woman, sharing a life that is wonderful and exciting but also difficult and sad at times. Senses will be touched with laughter, maybe a few tears but mostly memories within the journey of life in Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes.

It is available on in both Kindle and paperback versions. 

About Regina Gale

Regina Gale is an author, poet, professional speaker, and seasoned woman. She currently serves as the Director of Communications for the Friends of North Carolina Public Library and writes a monthly newspaper column called “Dancing through Life by Regina Gale.”

Based on her desire for higher education, Regina Gale obtained both an undergraduate degree and an MBA while maintaining a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Regina Gale’s life journey has come full circle, allowing her to marry the passions of youth to the fruit that came from a long, thriving career and the experiences of being a “seasoned woman”.

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