Remedy Simulation Group Completes Expansion Project in Perkasie

Published on October 5, 2015

The medical simulation production company, Remedy Simulation Group, has completed its expansion project allowing for increased and faster production to better serve the growing medical simulation products industry.

Remedy Simulation Group is excited to announce the completion of their new 7,500 square foot facility in Perkasie, Pa.  The expansion includes additional space for traditional silicone casting and adds new capabilities including 3D printing.  Production of medical simulation products can now be completed faster and with an increase in production volume, making partnerships with larger customers now possible.

Founded in 2011, Remedy Simulation Group is an innovative medical simulation production company.  Formally known as Pulse Anatomical Model Company, Inc., the company rebranded in January 2015 and is focused on simulation training products and contract manufacturing.  The company prides itself on its goal of Improving the Standard of Practice™. Having spoken to simulation professionals from all over the country, the company used this focused information to create simulation models that address specific complaints and are designed to elevate professional hands on skills.

Remedy Simulation Group’s simulation training products help students studying in the medical disciplines to develop necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning.  Because medicine will always require patient interaction, Remedy’s models will always have a “realistic physical component that can be touched, cut, poked, prodded, and felt in some manner.”  Products, including Injection Pads, which allow for practice of inserting needles, wearable IV trainers, “Willi” Male and “Cathi” Female Catheterization Trainer, help advance nursing and surgical skills without using humans to practice these often uncomfortable procedures. 

As a contract manufacturer, Remedy Simulation Group provides several services including manufacturing of existing designs, design for manufacturing of new concepts, assistance with patents and licensing, as well as application design for digital simulations and material development.  Examples of custom manufacturing can be found on Remedy’s website.  One of the many successful projects was to improve a female pelvic surgical simulator bringing each component to a new level of interactivity.  Because of the joint effort between Remedy and the designing physician and company, the model is becoming the new standard for training. Another example of the company’s innovative work is the development of a skin and fat system that creates the correct abdominal feel for implant placement and drug injections.  This effort required the development of a new fat simulation material and new methods of construction for an Abdominal Injection Trainer. 

For more information on the company’s medical simulation products or for assistance with custom manufacturing, please see the company contact information below.

Company Name: Remedy Simulation Group
Contact Person: David Szabo
Phone: (267) 884-0684
Country: United States