Retired Senior, Murali Krishna Reaches No. 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

Murali Krishna, recently released book, The Wisdom of True Love: Discover The #1 Secret Everyone Needs To Know About Love To Live A Successful Life, has hit No. 1 for three different categories on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Retired Senior, Krish Murali, shares the life lessons his wife taught him about love in his new book, “The Wisdom of True Love.”

The book officially launched on February, 11, 2015 and secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status in three categories on the day of release.

Dominating the three categories of Conduct of Life & Spirituality, Family Health and Biographies & Memoirs of Philosophers was a special win for Murali because his book is dedicated to his dearly departed and beloved wife.

At the top of Amazon’s Category section, Murali’s book beat out industry-favorite titles such as The Greatest Miracle In The World by Og Mandino and The Power Of Focused Attention by Allison Sutter.

The Wisdom of True Love aims to provide people of all ages, especially women, with a unique point of view that designates fears, challenges and failures as stepping stones to living a successful life.

Unlike other personal development books, Murali’s book is geared more towards an insiders conversation instead of the traditional publication style so readers can have an experience instead of just reading another book.

The book is divided into three main sections.

The first section shares the foundational principles of the wisdom of true love and how to establish the foundation to prepare for the inevitable challenges of life.

The second section reveals advice on how to re-invent one’s life through the principles of respecting self, others and the world so the natural laws of karmic affect return desired life experiences.

The third section provides a glimpse into the possibilities life holds when the wisdom of true love is integrated into everyday life.

The book’s Amazon description expands upon the potential results and claims Murali’s book is an insiders guide to the secrets of life in all areas, including health, wealth and relationships.

When talking about why he believes this book is unique, Murali states, “Born as human beings, we should display humanism in every aspect of life. We should respect others, their opinions, their individuality. It is love, not just sex, that bonds wife and husband. I always respected and continue to respect ladies. I always followed the path of positive attitude, rightful thinking and doing things that help me and also others. I never supported a person going in the wrong direction.”

The success of The Wisdom Of True Love lead to Murali being acknowledged by his peers around the country.

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