Gary Edwards, Expert International Photographer in Marbella, is interviewed on Business Trendsetters Magazine

Published on March 20, 2015

International Marbella based photographer, Gary Edwards, outlines the importance of professional photography, in an interview in Small Business Trendsetters.

Gary Edwards’ clients include a multitude of international companies as well as Marbella based local businesses and individuals. Proficient in all fields of photography, it is in the real estate industry that Edwards has seen a phenomenal increase in interest for high quality images created by a professional photographer.

With experience gained from over 25 years in the field of property photography, Gary Edwards’ track record, together with a rich and varied portfolio of photographs, ensure that he is in demand to shoot images for real estate agents, architects, private property owners, hotel groups and developers.

Whilst he is based in Marbella, a willingness to travel for assignments has taken Gary across the globe, from neighbouring locations such as Portugal to further afield, including the USA, South Africa, South America, China and Japan.

As Edwards points out, “Savvy realtors realise that, whilst the popular maxim, ‘Location, location, location’ is fundamental to a client’s decision to buy a property, ‘Photography, photography, photography’ is fundamental to capturing the leads,” stating, “Good photography is listed as second only to accurate pricing as the top tip when it comes to selling a property.”

In fact, according to studies in the US, high quality real estate images generate more interest among buyers – attracting 60% more viewers to the property. This helps properties to sell faster and keep prices up.

Vendors are also looking for agents that are willing to present their properties in the best possible light. With dozens of agents in competition for the best properties to list, offering professional photography by a trusted and recognized photographer can be the key to getting the listing.

Edwards also highlights the fact that, with image-led social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram all becoming an essential part of a real estate agent’s marketing channels, businesses simply cannot afford to present substandard photographs to the world.

Gary includes some key statistics in the interview:

– 80% of buyers looking to purchase a property use the Internet to browse homes – the images need to capture their attention and tell the story of a property within seconds.
– 60% of online viewers spend time looking at images, 20% on the description and 20% on the remarks of the agents.
– A listing with images has an average of 20 seconds per view, whereas a listing with no images has an average view of just 2 seconds.

Gary also points out that only 20% of properties that are listed have images that were taken by professional photographers. Using a professional could give an agent that crucial edge over the other 80%.

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