Rush Capital Announces Ground-Breaking Merger with RLT Atwood Group First, Vertically Integrated Blockchain Alternative Investment Portfolio Listed on a Stock Exchange

Published on June 6, 2018

(Atlanta, GA)—June 4, 2018—Rush Cole Capital, a private equity firm, announced today that it has successfully merged with the investment company, RLT Atwood Group, to form the world's first, vertically integrated and publicly listed blockchain investment company.
With this merger, Chris Cole, CEO of Rush Cole Capital is now a partner with RLT Atwood International limited and is the first African-American to be director of listing for a publicly traded company.
Starting today, the new company, RLT Atwood International Limited, will be listed on Trop-X, the Seychelles Securities Exchange. The current share price at public listing will be $1 USD per share, with a current market cap of $11,111,110, while two million shares are available.
“With this merger, Rush Capital and RLT Atwood International Limited are fundamentally reshaping the future of blockchain technology investment,” says Cole. “With regulations on the way in this new investment environment, we are positioned to be the benchmark for the protocol that is to come. To be a major player, leading the evolution of investing and blockchain is a major milestone for me and my company, given my humble beginnings,” he adds.
Cole grew up in Augusta, Georgia, far away from Wall Street, but became a highly successful self-taught bond futures trader and self-made millionaire.
He has over a decade of experience in trading the financial markets and is leading the innovative side of speculation as it pertains to blockchain technology. 
He founded Rush Cole Capital in 2013 on the premise that classical training and business, strategy and finance can be leveraged through substantive “real-word” experience to create differentiated results and private equity.

Chris is also a mentor and teacher, who encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and has taught more than 50 students who are now full-time traders.

He has been featured in numerous trading and financial publications and is a frequent speaker at blockchain events throughout the world.
ABOUT RLT Atwood International Limited

Headquartered in the Seychelles, with offices in Atlanta, Puerto Rico and South Africa, RLT Atwood Group is the world’s first vertically integrated, listed blockchain investment company. RLT offers a fully diversified alternative blockchain investment product that engages in assets, operations, and businesses that are pioneers in the digital space. The company focuses on six blockchain sectors: Mining, Staking, Lending, Trading, ICOs, and Arbitrage.  For more information, please visit: and Chris Cole @chriscoleiam

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