Sam Wegert Announces New Book to Help Charlotte Families

Published on April 21, 2016

Sam Wegert, founder of Super Kicks Karate in Charlotte, North Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia, announces a new book with the mission of educating and empowering families through martial arts.

Wegert, a master-level martial artist and business owner, says that the target audience for this book will be parents of families.

“Growing up in a large, tight-knit family, and having been homeschooled, I expected that most families were like mine and that kids would be a lot like me,” says Wegert, 25.  “It turns out that most families are very different than mine, and a lot of kids aren’t learning character traits and life skills like I did.”

Wegert practices and teaches American Freestyle Karate, and through his program at Super Kicks, focuses on character development for families.  His centers teach children and adults together, oftentimes in the same class.

This new book, the title of which has not yet been released, will share with readers six core ideas that Wegert instills in his instructors and students in his martial arts program.  It will serve as a handbook for families that parents can take out and use with their kids to teach character traits for their children at home.

“At Super Kicks, we create an experience for families that makes martial arts and learning life skills fun.  Now, families will be able to do this on their own time, from the comfort of their own home and still get the transformation they want in their lives.

The new book is scheduled for release in the 4th Quarter of 2016.

Information about Wegert’s book release and Super Kicks Karate can be found on his website,

Company Name: Super Kicks Karate
Contact Person: Sam Wegert
Phone: (704) 543-2821
Country: USA