Stop Confusion by Author Costel Coravu Hits Best Seller Status in Multiple Amazon Categories

Published on April 21, 2016

Costel Coravu, author and coach, released Stop Confusion—All You Need to Know And Wikipedia Cannot Tell You About How To Have Clarity and Success, which discusses the topic of personal growth; has hit Best Seller status on Amazon.

Author and world-renowned coaching instructor Costel Coravu recently released his latest work, Stop Confusion—All You Need to Know And Wikipedia Cannot Tell You About How To Have Clarity and Success.  The book explains how reality-based personal growth offers better outcomes for those who focus on separating truth from fiction.  According to Coravu, The ideas from the book are not intended to be an exhaustive approach of the human being existence, but a simple and efficient guide, based on which anybody can make his/her plan for sailing the troubled waters of life on Earth journey.

Coravu’s book discusses reality versus illusion, decision versus choice and “to know” versus “to believe, all fundamental distinctions that the author claims have a decisive impact on the quality of human life and from which power and freedom emerge.  The book is intended as a guide to “scatter the disempowering confusion and provide the bricks for self-consciousness and success on constant basis.” 

A free copy of the book is available at

Coravu, who is also the author of the upcoming Don’t Put Up Fire! Plant Seeds! – Be An Excellent Leader And Enjoy Life: A Practical Guide For Authentic Leadership, has spent 15 years in international management roles, developing his reputation as an inspirational leader.  He has now become a creator of workshops, seminars, and personal development and coaching programs. Understanding the challenges facing professionals in the business field, he supports them in reaching their full leadership potential and getting the desired results from their work.  He is a PCC ICF accredited coaching professional, with more than 1500 coaching hours delivered from his position as 2012 – 2013 and 2014 – 2015 president of the Romanian Coach Guild – ARC Association.  For more information on the Guild, see

Through the supervision of other coaches and through his activity as mentor in coach training courses, Costel contributes to the rise of professionalism in coaching.  He is also a founding member of Coaching Partners, a coach training school that offers help for training coaches in all industries.  He is also passionate in supporting the transformation of the educational system by sharing his expertise in European projects and helping school teachers switch from teaching to learning facilitation.

About Costel Coravu:  Costel Coravu is a respected leader in the personal coaching field, offering international seminars and workshops on coaching, learning facilitation and training to a wide range of industries.  He is also the author of noted books on transformational learning.

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